Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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I am on hiatus from ordering tea, but I ordered myself a tub of Smart Soak which arrived today and I am looking forward to trying to get the years of tea-stank out of my gravity well infusers. I guess that’s my way of trying to treat myself for my birthday this weekend while being on tea order hiatus, heh. We are having an awful windstorm and the box had been blown clear from my stoop!

I got my latest 52teas order in the mail on 3/13 and a small, two item order from Adagio on 3/12, I believe. I still have my monthly subscription box from Adagio coming yet, then I’m done for the month.

LuckyMe said

I received a ton of Taiwanese oolong samplers from Tea from Taiwan in the mail the other day. I’ve seen this vendor all the time in Google searches – they are usually at or near the top when searching for Taiwanese tea or oolong – but for a long time hesitated to order because there’s literally no buzz about them online and until recently their website looked pretty generic. Still recovering from a bad cold so it’ll be a while until I can try any of them. I hope I have better luck with these teas than my recent Taiwan Sourcing order.

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