Tea Innovations

So I’m sitting at school and I have an hour until my biology lab starts and I am trying to figure out why no one has come up with a battery operated kettle-mug yet. I think that I may end up McGueiver-ing one together. Its cold and rainy and a cuppa sounds awesome.

So here’s what I am thinking:

You take a glass or ceramic mug with a screw on lid and add a heating element to the bottom, powered by eith D6 or 9V batteries. Turn that bad boy on and viola boiling or near boiling water! Then just use a regular tea ball. I would probably make some sort of tea ball case as well so that you can store your leaves. Unfortunately, my familiarity with electronics and wiring is limited, so if any electro-techs are out there, help!!!

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I think making the heating element removable would be awesome too.

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