Changing Batteries on Taylor Thermometer?

Has anyone successfully changed a battery on one of these?

I ordered one of these when it was the select, and I just opened it up to give it a try this morning only to find that it would not turn on. I suspect its batteries have given out. I tried to follow the instructions on how to open it up, and I’m pretty sure I did it wrong and may even have broken it :-(. I’m not in front of the booklet now, but the very first instruction said something like remove the backing from the device. I tried to do that and the silver part came off, revealing what looked like dried glue, so I’m guessing that wasn’t the part that was supposed to come off. But I didn’t see any other seams. I also took the little side pieces off and had a terrible time getting them back in once I discovered that taking them off wasn’t helping to open the thermometer.

Any ideas welcome!

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Pics or model number? Taylor makes several different thermometer models…

Cofftea said

I do believe she is talking about this one

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Yep, that’s it — though the one I had was silver and black rather than all silver.

Duh, Steepster Select – I missed that on the first read-through. Sorry for not being more helpful – I have a simpler Taylor thermometer with a much simpler battery compartment. Couldn’t find much besides the manual online, and it sounds like you have that. :( Good luck

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denisend said

I bought one from 52teas a few days before it was the select and it’s also not working. I haven’t tried changing the batteries yet, though. I’m pretty bummed.

I figured out how to get the backing off, but my smallest screwdriver is too big to unscrew the screw (step 2). So I’m stuck for now as well…

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whiz said

piece cake .. no tools needed.
at the arrow insert thumbnail in the recess and pull outwards
there is a barely visible lip there

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I find that although they work well, they don’t last. My previous one literally fell apart. The one I have now hasn’t yet but that’s because I hardly use it.

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