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Chinese Help

Every once in a while someone posts something written in Chinese that they need help translating… now is that time for me. :D

This is a pouch of puerh I got in China and I would like to know if the lable (handwritten) says anything about the name of the or type of puerh. Thanks in advance, Chinese-speakers!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8455887277/

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Hi Dinosara! Hope you are doing well.

Super neat handwriting on the bag… That says “Gong Ting Pu’er,” which literally means ‘palace’ or ‘imperial’ pu’er. It is a designation of grade often seen attached to these looseleaf small buds and leaves for shu pu’er. Not an official grade exactly since anyone can call a tea gongting, but many gongting pu’ers share a similar sweet and clean quality.

I hope you had a wonderful time in China. I am on my way back there in April to help get my friend Weiwei’s tea bar and reading room started and to do filming for the spring harvests.

Dinosara said

Thanks so much David! I got it as a free sample after I bought some tieguanyin from a woman in the market in Maliandao. Great to know what it says.

Enjoy your trip to China!

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