Cheap but useful

I love my new Thermos – It’s a ‘construction worker’ model with a handle and it was very inexpensive (about 20 bucks). It’s Thermos brand with their Thermax technology and it keeps things piping hot for hours and hours. I had ice in it overnight and this morning there wasn’t a drop of water in it – just ice. I looked around at tea thermoses and decided they aren’t my style. The technology seems to have improved by leaps and bounds since I last purchased a thermos – it features thin wall construction – holds a lot for its size. The only problem I have with it is that it keeps my tea too hot!

I also love my 30 dollar electric kettle from Costco.

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TeaLover58 said

I have the same thermos! I love mine because it stays warm all night. I work a 14 hr. shift at night, so if it can keep my tea warm and last me the entire night I’m a happy tea drinker!

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