What are your staples?

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Katiek said

I always keep Tea Source Madagascar Vanilla and their Georgia Peach, Harney & Sons chocolate, and some berry tea (Kusmi Four Fruits or Tea Source blackcurrant are good examples, but there are lots of options or this one).

I’m sure there are others, but those are my most recent “go to’s”

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Uniquity said

Loose mint (peppermint or spearmint). At least 2 or 3 good black teas (think Black Dragon Pearls, Bailin Gongfu or Golden Monkey from Teavivre). Black Currant flavoured black tea also nice to have, but I don’t always have one around. My staples are ones that are deliciously consistent, can take a beating and are inexpensive.

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Brett said

My staples are: Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Irish Breakfast, and Darjeeling (loose leaf versions), Taylor and Harrogate Pure Assam, Teavivre Golden Monkey, and Harney and Sons Golden Blend, and Numi Moroccan Mint.

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Interesting topic. I found this site by accident too, and fell in love with this obsession. I know I’m addicted to tea, and I’ve been into tea for 3 years now. I have 3 major hobbies: tea, makeup, and books.

Anyway: my staples are: any kind of chai, green tea, and Pu erh tea (or oolong).

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I’m kind of still learning what my staples are & I found steepster nearly a year ago.

Pumpkin chai
Jinga Citrus Twist
Raspberry Mint Mojito (which is now discontinued)
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Chili Chocolate Truffle
Creamy Nut Oolong
Some good fruit blends for iced tea in the summer
And a bunch of caffeine free teas for bed time

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inguna said

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TheKesser said

I’m still trying to decide what all my staples would be, but I do know a few.
- Canadian Breakfast by Metropolitan tea company
- Santa’s Secret by Davidstea
- Checkmate by Davidstea
- Swampwater by Davidstea
- S’mores by Teaopia (that is, until my big tin of it is gone)
- a good herbal blend too, like Cocomint cream or Tropicilana (I think I spelt that wrong) or something else along those lines. Something sweet and refreshing.
- Some form of a green rooibos, whether it be flavoured or not.
- Saigon Chai or Pumpkin Chai. Saigon is my favourite right now. It’s delish!

There are so many I would love to keep in my cupboard at all times. I know it’s not possible all the time, but I would love if I could.

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I have to have a gunpowder green, it’s the one tea I’m never sick of. I also love Constant Comment – I know, bagged, how could I? But it’s a good tea to have when I’m not sure what I want.

Jasmine is also a fave.

Constant Comment is fantastic! No shame in having it bagged :)

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Barbara said

I don’t do staples anymore.

The past five years I only drank a blend of sencha and lemongrass (lemongrass green) and a blend of sencha and bergamot (earl green). Both are from the Dutch tea supplier Simon Levelt. I used to buy these teas by the kilogram, I drank them that much! :-)

Last christmas I decided to treat myself to two quality teas from Theodor (J.E. Yin Zhen and the Milky Oorlong). The idea was that I could treat myself to ‘a special tea’ in the afternoons or after dinner. Since then I’ve just lost all controle. Now I only drink ‘special teas’ and I keep buying more and more different blends and flavours. The only requirements now are that the teas suit my mood and give a luxurious feel. As the mood(s) differ(s), it’s been: bye bye staples… :-)

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