What Makes you Try a New Tea?

Hi all! Thanks for the warm reception to the Steepster community. We’re excited to start participating in discussions and have our teas listed for review as well.

As a relatively new merchant we are trying to get more people to try our teas. We are currently advertising, using social media and sites like this and are always looking for new customers. There are so many quality teas out there that we know it’s hard for people to make time (or money) to try new ones. Our tea from S.D. Bell & Co is unique because it comes from Belfast and has been blended by four generations of the Bell family since 1887. It’s only recently become available in North America.

I’m asking the community here – what makes you inclined to try an new tea company? How can we better connect with you? What do you like to see/hear from tea merchants? We are currently offering 15% off purchases with the code WINTER15 on our website.(http://www.bestinternationaltea.com)

Thanks for any feedback. Hope everyone has a great week and those north of us and west of us (we’re in NJ) are dealing with the snow okay!

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Sil select said

Off the top of my head since I’m at work and can’t craft a fully detailed response yet:

-availability of smaller sizes (25g; .5 to 1oz)
-relatively inexpensive shipping to canada
-website that’s easy to navigate and use
-teas with descriptions on the flavour of the tea as well as ingredients (for blends)

Lala said

I agree with the shipping to Canada. If I have to pay more for shipping, than I do for the tea, I am not going to make an order. I am willing to make a larger order to get free or inexpensive shipping. However, if I have never tried to company before, I am not likely going to order $100 just to get free shipping.

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Dustin said

I am more inclined to try a new tea company if I see their tea getting good reviews, if I see that their tea has unique or appealing flavor combinations and if they have small test sizes for sale. I’d prefer to pick several new teas to try in smaller amounts as opposed to buying one or two in larger sizes that I am unsure of.

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Unique flavours, availability of samples, and shipping costs are my prime factors in trying a new tea company.

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Katiek said

A couple different things can attract me. First would be a recommendation from someone I trust, or a positive review on a site I trust. Second would be a new or intriguing tea that I haven’t seen before – but I tend to favor flavored teas and a lot of people here prefer “straight” tea.

A chance to try a reasonably priced “sampler” or individual samples so that I don’t have to invest a lot for my first purchase is also good.

And to a lesser extent, I do enjoy hearing from the people behind the company on sites like steepster. What are they trying to accomplish or do differently, any “tea trips” or first hand experiences, or even useful information about the different teas.

Good luck and nice to have you here!

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I will be more likely to be a frequent customer if…
There is a Large selection of Classic flavors/styles (particularly greens, whites)

Listing of ingredients!

clean website.
Involvement with suppliers/farms/environment is a big deal for me.

I love sample sizes,consistently priced (all 1.50, or all 3.00 for example, rather then fluctuating) and ability to chose my own samples.

Reviews help, but are not a major deciding factor.
Again, shipping deals (free shipping on orders over X amount) can influence how quickly I plan an order, and also when in a month I will.

fair attention given to all the teas listed…I have seen sites treat some types almost like an after thought…say they specialise in blacks…but oh yah have a tiny section for greens…

I would rather shop at 2 different shops who were both equally confidant in only 1 type of tea then shops that just list some small section just to grab extra $.

Helpful, knowledgeable staff.

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Lala said

Being able to checkout as a guest, without having to create an account. Also being able to see how much the total purchase with taxes and shipping without having to go through checkout. Also ease of finding shipping information without having to contact the supplier/business. Having samples sizes available, and having samples available for all teas and not just some of them.

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cuppaT said

At the risk of being redundant:
*Relatively inexpensive sample sizes, with enough tea for two separate tastings (If I don’t care for it one day, I may like it the next.)
*Attractive, easily navigable website
*Coupons, specials and customer incentives
*Ability to estimate shipping costs before placing an order
*Fresh, tasty tea, prompt shipping and great customer service will keep me coming back

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Emily M said

I second everything that’s been said above. When I choose a tea company it’s always dependent on these factors. Samples, nice website, coupons/specials, a variety of quality tea, decent pricing, affordable shipping options, great customer service, and usually more times than not a trusted source who recommends the tea vendor. Even if it’s just a few people reviewing tea from the vendor on Steepster, it suffices. I also think it’s really important, especially when there are no reviews to look at, for the website to contain taste profiles for the teas, as well as a list of ingredients. That way I know if I’m likely to enjoy it or not. The ability to use paypal is also a plus for some. I’m willing to go without it, but it sure does make things easier for me, and I know some here use it exclusively and won’t purchase tea from a vendor who doesn’t have the paypal option.

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Erin said

Samples! Definitely the availability of sample sizes for purchase.

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Dr Jim said

When I look at my recent buying history, the main determinants have been:
1) sale price or low minimum for free shipping
2) Reasonably priced samples (I often buy sampler sets)
3) Variety of classic teas (Darjeeling, Keemun, etc.)
4) decaf teas (nearly half of my tea drinking must be decaf),

Sampler sets are Awesome!

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