sbs teas containing maggots

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anovak said

I know its been a while,but in conclusion I did get refunded from my bank. Still no response from Karen. Buyer beware.

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. that seems disturbing. glad you got a refund.
you should review some teas on steepster.

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Huey Tan said

I am a tea purist… Love tea for its simplicity back to how the leaves are cured, how much processing involved, the water it brewed from to give the tea life again… Still all about the tea plant itself. Chinese you know…. That added peach flavors, wine stuff is just too complicated and “impure” unbasic for me.

To me, traditional teas are best…
From the teapot to the “paper thin” tea cooler (aromatic infuser for smelling teas) taller vessels to that final tasting cup… Back to our traditional Chinese tea houses…

Its all about the purity of tea.
Nothing else.

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Cavocorax said

Looks like it can happen anywhere. I saw this tweet to DAVIDsTEA a while back:

(Warning. You can see them in the picture)

Ughh….thats gross, do they not check shipments before sending stuff out?

Most likely because when they are shipped out they are extremely tiny eggs which then hatch once they have already left the company that packaged it. I do wonder if they are actually maggots and are really just grain moths like you occasionally find in rice and oats. Because that photo seems pretty silk heavy for a maggot pupa.

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