gmathis said

A gift idea

One of my prize possessions is a little notebook hand-compiled by a dear friend and the most well-read person I know … her favorite mystery series catalogued by author and book title. I leaf through it chuckling to myself like Gollum and his precious when I’ve read one on the list and I can check it off. Will probably spend the rest of my reading life tracking down and reading all the out of print ones.

Anyway…that inspired me and made me think that a tea-based book would be a neat gift for a fellow tea junkie. Your favorites by brand and description, maybe some artsy stuff if you like to sketch or scrapbook, so that your friend can go “in search of” all your good stuff.

Just a thought, for whatever it’s worth.

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Doulton said

What a very nice idea! If I had skill in art, (which I have not) I’d go for it. I think I was just echoing a poem by Browning. Or it could be a book with tea samples to accompany the descriptions.
Another idea might be a travelling journal or a back-and-forth journal with tea reviews and samples.

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AJ said

I keep a tea journal for times when I’m not able to access Steepster (usually when I’m in a tea shop, or on-campus/at work and happen to be trying a new tea I’ve brought with me). I usually star the pages of teas I particularly enjoyed, and the margins are often littered with doodles, or just personal notes to myself.

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Speaking of tea journals, here’s a link to a review of a few:

The journal from “Linen and Tea” looks like it is available from their website

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Speaking of tea themed books in general, coincidentally, I was shopping for one yesterday. I went in to a Borders ‘Express’ , could find not one tea book, and was told that they only carry them during the holidays. Haven’t had time to check in the full sized stores, but was quite surprised that the Express store didn’t even have one!
We’ve got to start nagging the bookstores to start carring them year-round.

I work at Borders (a full-sized store), and, while we do carry tea books, I was disappointed to see that we only had a few of them. :( We tea lovers need to start a movement, I think. :P

~lauren. said

Agree with you about the physical stores, but the saving grace is that on-line, you still can get some good tea books! Borders (yay), Barnes & Noble, Amazon & Alibris come to mind if you shop on-line at all.

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Lynxiebrat said

Hmmm….this reminds me of a round robin scrapbooking project between a small group of people. (Like 4-8.) Each person contributes to the scrapbook, and it often has a theme. And when a person has finished their contribution they give or send the book to the next person on the list. Sometimes depending on the size of the book, it might go around the circle of people many times. I have never done anything like that, so might be missing an important aspect:)

I’ve been contemplating an art journal, (Never mind the fact I kind of suck at drawing at the moment.) and with my new passion, tea! I’m itching to try and combine the 2 somehow.

Most tea shops/stores (Least the ones I’ve been to.) have books on tea, though they might be more marked up then at chain bookstores and online.

gmathis said

Neat idea!

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