darky said

blending yourself

Anyone tryed making some blends with what they got in there tea stash?

I’ve just been thinking to mix chamomille with blackcurrand & hibiscus, any idea if thats going to be tasty or nasty?

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Lala said

I do a lot of my own blending. It depends on your taste and what you have in your cupboard. I tend to blend a straight tea (ie. Darjeeling, Assam, green teas) with something that is flavoured or herbal. I find sometimes you can mix two flavoured teas together and it can be good, or can be bad.

The ones I blend the most are lapsang with a floral, such as a rose mix; green tea with a fruity herbal or with spearmint; Assam/ Darjeeling with a herbal or with a spicey tea.

I find a straight white tea mixes well with almost anything.

Best thing you can do is experiment and keep us posted!

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I do a lot of blending sessions with friends. They like to make their own herbal blends. The first thing I have them do is choose a bunch of different ingredients based on flavor profile. Then we taste each ingredient individually, so we can see how it may add to the flavor of the blend. This also gives you an idea of how much of each ingredient you might want to choose. Also, measure everything and write it down. If you come up with a combo you like, then you will want to be able to reproduce it. Also, keep in mind that it will take a while for the ingredients to meld together. Go very easy on the hibiscus a little bit goes a very long way and you can always add more later. I’m talking very little amount of hibiscus.

yssah said

flavor profile?

I ask my friends what they want out of an herbal blend. What they are going for in general terms. Then I recommend some different flowers or herbs. For each flower or herb, I do a tasting and describe the notes, body, etc. So really, I just meant my tasting notes.

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cteresa said

I have tried blending a couple things, even sometimes not really blending but more of a this tea is so strong, maybe if I mixed it with a bit of this other it would be more palatable and it worked. And I have been making my own chai mix which is easy and fun and works very well.

About chamomile with hibiscus good luck. But you know the hibiscus will probably totally overpower the chamomile (blackcurrant no idea how strongly the taste will transfer). Hibiscus is so so strong and overpowering I am not sure if any home blend (that is without oils and essences and such) would be really effective, but worth trying on your own.

Chamomile IMO goes excellently with mint and/or green rooibos. I find green rooibos a really excellent thing to mix with herbal tisanes, it sort of gives body and mixes very well with other flavours without overpowering.

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