teajoteas said

Hey guys, our 20% off Sale ends Feb. 15! Yes, we have samples and cheap shipping!!!

Hey guys,

All teas are 20% off and you can use Tea Points on top of the discount! Last day to order is Friday the 15th. Yes, we do sell samples and offer a very low $3.75 flat rate shipping.

I’m also dreaming up a cool and fun contest for the Spring and will keep you posted.

Happy V-day, Friendship day, or whatever they call it now!


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This should really be under the Tea Companies and Promotions heading. Also I made an order on Sunday and it obviously hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t order more! Stop torturing me!

teajoteas said

Thanks for reminding me about where I should be posting. I tend to post mostly non-Promo stuff, so when I do, I forget to make the switch.

Your order shipped late Monday, so you should be getting it very soon…and sorry for torturing you :)

teajoteas said

Did you get your teas?

Got my tea. Thanks!!!

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