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I would like to take just a moment to slow down with a good cup and say hello. I am new to the Steepster community and after reading through the discussions I have found some like interests. I enjoy Taiwan and mainland china oolong teas as well as green teas. I am drinking a cup of Longjing green tea as I write this note. I am reading “The story of Tea” by Mary and Robert Heis, it has so much information I recommend it to everyone, it is enjoyable but a little text bookie. I am involved with a tea club at work and with my local health food coop. I have placed and reserved my spring tea order for the spring harvest in Taiwan, they begin the plucking April 5, woohoo. I wait with anticipation. I should have my samples by the end of April to choose from. I will probably get the lighter roast as I like the more floral aroma and less nutty taste of the heavier roast. I have had very good Tieguanyin oolong that I hope to locate again. I have ordered from many tea merchants in mainland China and am still struggling with good consistency in the dealing, I will say that all of the tea was exceptional, I am happy to discuss the specifics if requested. I look forward to learning what I can from all and sharing what I can with all.

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Cofftea said

Welcome to steepster! Here’s a great introduction thread:)

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Hello and welcome! I am reading the Heiss’ book at the moment, too. Very interesting reading and beautiful pictures. I went to their store’s web site and it has some good looking tea. A little pricey, but that probably reflects the gourmet’s gourmet nature of their store. Looking forward to hearing about what you’re drinking. This is a friendly place and I’m learning a ton every time I log on!

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Jason select said


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Networld said

Welcome Brett!

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