WINNERS ANNOUNCED- Good Luck Everyone! FREE TEA!!! Contest (Updated: 2/26/13)

Updated 2/26/13 – Winners have been announced. Beware I rambled a little.

Updated 2/25/13 – To all those that played please check your email. If you don’t see a message from me, check your SPAM folder as it appears many messages are ending up there. Thank you!

Update: 2/24/13 – Winners of my contest have been notified via E-Mail. Please check your email and respond. Thank you.

Alright here are the stats… I’ve got 20 comments in and many have earned multiple entries, great job by the way but it is still anyone’s game. Keep those entries coming. Contest doesn’t end until Friday 2/22/13 and I’d love to get as many responses as possible.

Bonus: I know I said I’d send FREE TEA to 3 winners but I also wondered if anyone would be interested in any of my other products? Check them out at and let me know what else you’d like to see thrown into the pot of goodies. :) Thanks!

Hello Tea Friends,
I am in such an amazing mood today and the first thing I thought was contest so here it is…

It’s super easy all you have to do is write a comment and there are opportunities for bonus entires and if you win you get FREE TEA! Super fun stuff I hope you enter.
Good Luck!

Let me know if you entered contest here too. Would love to know. Thanks. :)
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Oh goodie… I entered and also joined your newsletter. If I knew you had a newsletter, I probably would have already joined. thanks for the chance!

Yay! Thanks for entering. Good luck!

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Azzrian said

Thank you! Posted a comment and am following you on all sites and already getting your newsletter. Wonderful contest!

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Azzrian said

Just noticed that the time on your blog may be incorrect:
azzrian on February 15th, 2013 at 6:50 pm

How very odd. Thanks I will look into that. Fortunately I get email alerts on comments so at least I’ll know the real time. :)

Thanks for entering the contest.

Azzrian said

No problem and thanks for hosting it.

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K S said

I love your explanation of the contest. Kind of makes you want to run through walls… or brew another pot.

Yay! Lets do it. I’m headed for a cup of Gyokuro now. Thanks for entering the contest. :)

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What a great way to have a contest! It’s always fun to read others’ reasons of why they have the same passion as one’s.

Thanks for entering and exactly what I was going for, “fun.” I mean why not? I am in a super good mood plus it’s Friday. Most of all I never get tired of reading about tea and needed to know if many of you felt the same way as I did when it can to my addiction. So far so good. :)

Is it ever possible to ever get tired reading about tea?? Never!

Never, or at least I could never imagine a world such as that. Scary thought.

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I commented on it as Thomas, Thanks for a chance to get some free tea, Good luck to all :) Did all the extras too except for Pintrest.

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T.C. said

I posted too! Go team tea addicts!

T.C. said

Plus facebook, twitter, Google+, and Subscribe!

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I’ve commented and followed, but I’m not sure if mine went through. I didn’t see anything saying my post had been dropped into a queue for moderation or anything like that. I did, however, save a copy to post elsewhere! If it didn’t work, please let me know? :)

Hi, you are right it didn’t come through on my end. Would you please try resubmitting? I am hoping it was just some silly glitch. Thanks :)

Alright, just resubmitted, same thing happened. headdesk

That is super weird. I’m going to follow you here, you do the same and once we are following each other I’ll send you a “PM” with an idea I have. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

Finally found your comment and now it appears on my blog. You are officially entered. :)

WOOHOO! Thank you, Rachana!

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Wow, this contest is heating up. I LOVE it! Plus, I love how everyone is getting so into it. This is why I love tea people. We are passionate and take our time to really do things right. Keep it up everyone. It has been so fascinating reading about “why” you love tea. Hope it’s been for you all too. :D

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Sil select said

Gah! Wish I’d been able to do this before I left. Good luck to everyone!

What do you mean, Sil? You have until next Friday to enter. :)

Sil select said

Haha I’m in Beijing for 2 weeks, back in march so my Internet access is questionable and highly monitored. No Facebook, twitter etc lol

I’m actually glad I can hit steepster lol yay tea!

From my perspective you are the winner already. I wish I was going with you. Have a blast, drink lots of tea, and bring lots more home. Can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back. :)

yssah said

yea! haha lots more free tea to sample there, for sure!

Sil select said

mwahahahaha found time to enter lol.

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