ashmanra said

Thinkgeek tea sale

Just thought all the geeks would like to know…thinkgeek has their Tea Earl Grey Hot on sale for Presidents’ Day – half price! I already have the set of four tiny tins, but this looks like it is the one bigger tin!

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Thanks for letting us know!

looseTman said

ashmanra, Did you enjoy it enough to purchase more T.E.G.H?

ashmanra said

LooseTman: I haven’t tried it yet! Maybe I will get around to it this weekend!

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T.C. said

The geek in me is intrigued by the many useless items they have on sale…

ashmanra said

My home is full of so many of the useless things they sell. Some of them are quite useful, though! LOL!

Dustin said

I know! I could spend hours on that site justifying things that I “need”.

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Gah, I love the tin SOOO MUCH, but if I recalling correctly – they are Adagio brand teas (at least the last Thinkgeek tea collection was) and I did not like Adagio’s earl grey.

ChaMei select said

You can unload the tea on someone who will like it and at $7.50 for 4 oz, the tin is practically free.

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Thanks for the heads up, I just bought a tin of their TEGH :) Been watching it for a while now. Plus it gives me a new tin to use for my EG that’s super cool.

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yssah said

it’s got mixed reviews

and yes, Rab said (in a tasting note above) that it is an Adagio Blend but that it was good too

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