Teas that make you smile? :)

Do you ever get super happy when drinking a particular tea? Life rocks and I commonly feel like dancing when I drink my morning pot of lapsang. Discuss? :)
Not to mention, I’ve got a new weekly special on the English Breakfast! Save 40% on 3 ounces of it! Also, you are all awesome. I’m super glad there’s a tea community online to get in-depth feedback of my teas. I appreciate the reviews! :)

EDIT: I’ve also just dropped shipping for US buyers. It’s only $2.85 up to $30, and $30+ is free. Enjoy!~



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Sleeping Bear Blend :(

Forever Nuts
Pumpkin Chai
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Chili Chocolate Truffle
Candy Cane (The Tea Store)
Creamy Nut Oolong

I’m working on it! <3

Guess what’s coming back tonight :)

Ahhhh that just made my already great day even better. I will be on that.

Oh btw, I couldn’t access my cart to check out the other day.

Just wait till you see the slight changes to the new version :)

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Lala said

I think a lot of my happy tea experiences are not necessarily about the tea, its the memories or feelings I associate that tea. If I have a tea that has a smell or taste that reminds me of a good childhood memory, then I often associate that good memory with the tea. And that makes the tea much more pleasant.

Earl Grey is my all time favorite tea. Not only becuase of the taste, but because since I was young, my mom, sister, and I would sit down together and enjoy a cup. So everytime I drink Earl Grey, I have that warm feeling of being with loved ones.

I love how we can come to associate tastes and smells to memories. It’s a wonderful thing!

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Vanilla black tea makes me happy. Moroccan Mint makes me happy, too (although it’s been a really long time since I drank any). A good vanilla mint tea makes me positively giddy. :)

mmm Moroccan Mint! :D I’ve been loving a black version of Moroccan Mint called de Malt et Mint lately. That would be delicious with vanilla!

Katiek said

I agree about vanilla. There is something very soothing about vanilla.

Oooh, I just checked out de Malt et Mint and Cherokee Mint. They both sound lovely! Now I just have to wait until payday….

There’s also the Bill-Me-Later option if you’d rather indulge right away :)

And Cherokee Mint is fantastic. It just went through a redesign and uses Ashes of Autumn (our lapsang) for the base tea. Yummy :)

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DMS Black Pearls from Siam Tee Shop makes me very happy, too bad i’m out right now.

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KallieBoo! said

I’m in love with Tazo’s Awake. Yes… it is a bagged tea… but for some reason the flavor gets me EVERY time and I just feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, the Tea Grotto’s Green Goddess makes me happy and smile. My best friend and I ordered a pot of this when we both discovered the other loved tea.

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Lady Grey is one. I don’t know why it makes me so happy, but I love the taste – it’s distinctive.

I feel blissful when when I drink matcha because I associate it with the philosophical and aesthetic notions tied to the tea ceremony. Also, I love the taste and texture.

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Della Terra’s Winter Nog. One of the best rooibos blends I’ve had.

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sandra said

high grade gyokuro :)

and: locally bought blend of Chinese green tea (50 gr. 10 euros) ((there is a small Chinese community here in town. – a lady gives classes in Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy and cooking.)
she makes a home made blend of mao feng(?) with shou mei and … (?)

the tea is divine, and I would easily spent my weekly budget on it if i needed to. she won’t share me what the blend is made of lol. I only know it’s a blend of green, white and yellow tea.

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PG tips is a tea fit for a monkey and me:)

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pot of gold by art of tea. It’s simply magical:)

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