New shipping for US buyers and Canada buyers!

I’ve just dropped shipping for US buyers. It’s only $2.85 up to $30, and $30+ is free.

For you Canadians, you get the following shipping prices:
$0-29.99 ::: $5.95 Shipping
$30-39.99 ::: $2.85 Shipping
$40+ Free!

Not to mention, I’ve got a new weekly special on the English Breakfast! Save 40% on 3 ounces of it!

Also, you are all awesome. I’m super glad there’s a tea community online to get in-depth feedback of my teas. I appreciate the reviews! :)


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yay reasonable shipping rates. all the more reason to BUY. off I go

:) Enjoy!~

And my phone is being stupid so I’m having a hard time but I’ll get it eventually.

Ohh, I wonder…I’m not sure you can order from a mobile device, but let me know how it goes if you are able to! If not I can take orders over the phone or via email.

if I can’t get this to work, I have access to a computer tomorrow & I’ll do it then. there’s a few newer ones I want to try

You should definitely try the new oolongs (apple cinnamon, golden lily, and dark chocolate) because I’m eagerly awaiting reviews on them :)

Also if you like lapsang and you havent tried Ashes of Autumn, it’s a must :)

Just some recommendations! Hehe

the dark chocolate is definitely on my list.

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T.C. said

Cheap enough I don’t mind putting in a small order :)

Great to hear! I look forward to handblending your order! :)

T.C. said

Order in…nothing big but I can’t wait to try some of those blends :)

Confirmed! It’ll go out on Monday!

T.C. said

That’s a holiday, but I’ll settle for Tuesday ;)

Ahh right :) Thanks for the reminder! ;)

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Alphakitty said

Oh wow, that is fantastic shipping! I’m planning a small order as soon as my check goes into the bank. And the Canadian shipping, geeze, totally awesome. I shipped out a small-ish swap in a bubble mailer the other day and it cost me $9!

:) Thank you! Yeah, figured that theres a bunch of wonderful Canadians and I should give them a little break. :)

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