Interested in black tea!

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Donna A said

Lots of good advice already, but as a black tea lover, here are some of my favorite teas from a few of my favorite companies-Butiki teas: Mi Xian (Taiwanese), Premium Taiwanese Assam,Royal Golden Safari (Kenya), Glenburn Darjeeling, Zhen Qu, Organic Guranse. Teavivre: Bailin Gongfu, Yun Nan Dian Hong Golden Tip,Fengqing Dragon Pearl black, Golden Monkey. Harney&Sons: Panyang Congou. Also any of Harney&Sons tea sample sets. All of these companies have either free,or low priced samples.

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Uniquity said

Puerh is a different beast altogether but unflavoured Chinese blacks tend to be my favourites.

Amongst my favourites are:
Wild Yunnan Black (Davids Tea)
Keemn Mao Feng (Harney and Sons. VERY expensive, so maybe not worth it anymore :()
Bailin Gongfu (Teavivre)
Black Dragon Pearls (Teavivre)
Golden Monkey (Teavivre)
Yun Nan Dian Hong (Teavivre)
Laoshan Black (Verdant Tea)

From experience, I would recommend Teavivre as a good supplier of black teas for good prices. Verdants are excellent but more expensive.

I don’t tend to like Indian black teas as I find them very bitter but many others feel quite differently. There are a lot of different flavour profiles with black teas but most of the ones I recommended above share a cocoa/caramel taste with little bitterness or astringency.

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I just had a black tea from Teavana for the first time last night. A co-worker gave me a sample of Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh. I love it! I had some at work and then brewed anothèr when I got home. Will definately purchase this one!

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One more question: How well does Yunnan Gold resteep?

david said

The one we carry (Yunnan King) is pretty good for up to 3 resteeps. Obviously the strength changes as you resteep.

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