Teas that are too good to put in your Steepster cupboard (or swap out)

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BWare said

Haven’t completely gotten around to putting all of my teas in the cupboard, but it is my intention to do just that. But there are some teas in my stash that I won’t trade only because it would be very difficult for me to construct a fair trade.

A big part of the problem is that the overwhelming majority of trades appear to center around flavored/herbal blends — teas that I am generally not interested in. Eliminating those teas from the trading mix, and there isn’t much to trade or trading partners to trade with.

Nevertheless, I am very open to trading when and if the right trading situation emerges.

Hope that helps…

I have also noticed that many trades are around flavored teas often sweet ones…this focus on flavored tea is a very new genre for me, and I find my self always going back to plain tea, and my, yes select herbal blends. I find myself reluctant to even discuss plain non chinese tea here on the site.

Dustin said

You could start a swapping thread for only non flavored teas. That might narrow down the search for others who are looking for the same.

BWare said

I hear you, Dustin, and your point is well taken. That being said, if there was a strong energy around trading non-flavored teas, then such a thread would’ve been started awhile ago and/or had evolved from the original tea swapping thread — which is over three years strong.

Maybe I will start some sort of thread along those lines — just seems as though something like that would’ve taken hold already.

I feel much the same way. I have found others interested in plain teas and/or or older style blends to follow, but they seem few and far between.
I also have found that lately, what I want to swap out is flavored, but that is due to my sampling small amounts of teas that I otherwise might not go out of my way to buy in larger amounts/stock up on…those being mostly non flavored teas.

I agree with the energy here being mostly about only a few kinds of tea.

OMGsrsly said

You aren’t the only one! My mom only drinks plain teas, and thus only gifts plain teas. She’s not that internet savvy though, so she’s not on here. And I’m a poor student so I’d rather spend my money on purchasing local teas than shipping samples. :/

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If I have enough to swap, it’s in the cupboard. Unless it’s in the save box.

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Alphakitty said

I put all of my teas over one ounce in my cupboard, since I use it to keep track of what I own. There are a handful I don’t swap, either ones that are limited edition (Sun & Cloud Mist, Cheesecake EG) or because I make them often but they’re too pricey for me to keep in large quantities (like Verdant’s Eight Treasures or the Winter Sage blend). But a handful out of 300+ isn’t so bad! I’ve considered removing them, but I really like having somewhere to keep track of everything that I own.

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I put everything in my cupboard, except samples. Up to this point I was always willing to swap anything, even if it’s a fav as long as I have relatively easy access to get more.

But there are some now I won’t swap. Anything thats discontinued or something hard to get like Whispering Pines’ The Sleeping Bear Blend. However I will still put them in my cupboard.

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Barbara said

I put everything except for samples in my cupboard and swap all teas, which admittedly aren’t that many :-)

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