Steepster Surplus Giveaway

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Erin said

6lbs 1oz

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Inquiring minds want to know……WHO WON????!!!?!?!!

Yes, please tell us!

yeah yeah! who won??

Lala said

+1. I want to know…?!?

Jason admin said

I’ve confirmed with the winner and am drafing the announcement now!

Oh, I did not get the email Jason…I guess I will be receiving it soon ;)

Jason admin said

Nice try :)

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Jason admin said

And now for the winner. Drum roll please….

The winner is…AmyTran96 with a guess of 10 lbs! (

Congrats to Amy for having the closest guess of the actual weight, which is 9 lbs 15.6 oz. Thanks to everyone for participating, we hope you had a good time.

Let’s get a round of applause for Amy!


Sil select said

Congratulations Amy! You totally need to post pictures of the box when it gets to you!

Nice! it’s a little exciting that it’s going to someone whose first tasting note is 10 days ago and they only have david’s tea logged. Makes me happy to think of the fun it will be to open up that box and try all the new teas and such :)

I thought that same thing, Sil, it’s fabulous that someone new who has only logged one brand will get to try some great teas!! I hope you have an adventure opening the box and tasting everything, Amy!!!

K S said

Only missed it by 7 pounds. lol
Congrats Amy!

Jason admin said

I was a little worried that a bunch of people were going ot guess it exactly when Javan guessed so close about 30 seconds after I posted the discussion! But I guess it worked out.

Did many people see my “hint”?

I thought I saw a ‘hint’ in a tasting note you did, but I didn’t get what it was saying!

I saw the hint before I saw the post about the contest. It only occurred to me what that tasting note might be about after I’d guessed.

Emily M said

Congrats, Amy! Enjoy your winnings! =)

Would have been funny if you had rule that closest guess not over the amount was winner won it.. then it would have been won within 30 seconds haha

Jason admin said

For those who didn’t see it, here was my “clue”:

It’s listing the number format (lbs, oz with 1 decimal) and the comment on that is the exact dimensions of the box, if that was helpful.

At one point I was also thinking of picking a tea from a specific tea plantation in another country, then somehow listing the price it would cost the ship the box to that plantation in the tasting note (like masking the price as the amount of tea I used) so that you could possibly reverse engenieer the weight of the box from the shipping location and box dimesion. But that didn’t happen.

yssah said

ah, soooo close! haha, congratulations Amy! it was fun trying to guess that box’s weight :)

AmyTran96 said

Ah! Thank-you guys, I’m quite excited to also try out more variety of teas, will definitely keep posted! :D

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