Rob Yaple said

All In This Tea

Has anyone seen this documentary with David Lee Hoffman?

I heard about it on NPR back in 2007 when it first came out and added the DVD to my wish list right away. I highly recommend checking it out if you can, it is an interesting look back at Chinese tea production and the tea trade in the 1990’s. Not only is there a lot of talk about tea (great for introducing friends to the vast world of tea!) but some of the footage is just stunning.

Since I got the DVD as a gift a few years back, I’ve probably watched All In This Tea at least 10 times in it’s entirety. I guess I am just curious if anyone else has seen this and become obsessed :-D

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I like this documentary very much! I especially like his idea of using earthworms for organic cultivation.

A friend videotaped it from PBS a few years ago, and gave it to me as a gift in a tea party :D

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Brendan said

A great movie for tea, and Organic living! He has some fantastic interviews on Samovar he talks about drinking Snake Wine…… and yes it’s what you think it is!
EDIT: Yes I’m just as Obsessed I’ve seen the movie at lest 10-15 times!

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Will said

I finally saw it recently; I had seen the preview and thought it would probably annoy the crap out of me. There were some things I liked about it, but overall, I found it kind of irritating. DLH comes across as kind of pushy, clueless, and condescending, not necessarily in that order.

That said, some nice shots and good tea porn. And, while I still don’t have much respect for DLH, I did come away from the movie with a little better understanding about where he’s coming from.

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For all those that missed it and want to see it.

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LENA said

This documentary is also available on Netflix and Netflix Instant. Yay!

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yssah said

is there another way to see this docu? the first 2 links dont work and the last one wants me to pay for membership :c

forsythia said

yssah, perhaps check your local library for the DVD. I remember watching this doc. on PBS some years ago and it was very enjoyable and educational.

netflix :) Lance and I watched it last night :)

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I am just as obsessed with this movie. As far as how David comes across, he was a pioneer in importing tea that until then were not even available to American tea drinkers. I think that does require a certain amount of pushiness to accomplish :)

Hoffman is a true tea pioneer, much respect to him :) I still haven’t sent netflix their movie back I guess I should do that today lol

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You might want to check out The Meaning of Tea

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