World Tea Expo - What counts as "in the business?"

If my understanding is correct; you have to be in the business to attend, unless you are attending the New Business Bootcamp. I’m not quite ready for Bootcamp yet, but I would love to attend one of the skill classes. (My eventual goal is to open a tea room.)

Do either of these two pieces of information qualify me, to the best of your knowledge?

-I work as a pastry assistant in a boutique hotel and restaurant that currently serves only bagged tea. Do I need an invite, as I’ve had with the food shows I’ve attended? Would this require anything of my employer?

-I am a recent Baking and Pastry certificate graduate, and could easily go back for a few classes I’ve had my eye on. (I see there is a student rate, I don’t know what this applies to.)

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Best bet is to contact them directly. The folks there were very helpful in letting me attend the World Tea East event for the last two years.

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I agree.

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Yeah contact them and ask. I guess you can easily count as “in the business” and can get free pass to attend. My understanding is, that is a B2B event, so as long as you are a (potential) small business owner or a (potential) end of the chain service employee, you are a potential customer of the event. Basically, they want potential customers to attend for free and potential suppliers (wholesale suppliers, farms, etc.) and businesses that intend to advertise themselves to pay a fee.

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