180ml Tokoname Teapot

I am looking to buy a tokoname teapot, just wondering whether 180ml is an okay size. As it seems very small, however I was assured of it being sufficient for one person or even two.
I will be using it for myself and will get around 3 cups of sencha out of it.

Is 180ml sufficient for one person?
Any advantages/disadvantages of a small tokoname teapot?

Thanks everyone.

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GuyOne said

Depends on your brewing style. If you’re into gongfu style brewing, it’s a perfect size. 150-180 ml. pots are exactly what I look for.

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sandra said
180ml. is a decent size.

(my gaiwan is 90ml. – and i have a yixing that is 120ml.)
180ml. is o.k. for one, even 2.
i used to have a tokoname teapot, but sold it.
It’s personal i guess, i fond the pot a pain to handle, but maybe others have other experiences. the larger ones are easier in that aspect.
here is site that may help you further:

i am sure s.o. on teachat can help you as well.
good luck.

Thanks for the reply.
When you say pain to handle what do you mean?
Like general maintenance?

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It’s ok for 3 cups only if you use cups that hold 60 ml (which is the recommended water volume for high grade sencha in Japan, by the way).
The advantage of a small teapot is that it’s light and easy to store, plus it retains heat better that if you had the same volume of water in a larger teapot (more empty air inside).

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Yes the sencha cups hold around 65ml. The teapot sounds like a good size then. I really like the design of the tokoname teapot which is why I ask..

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The sencha cups are 65ml so that is okay. Would the teapot be okay even if I brew normal sencha and not gyokuro?

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Yes, it’ll be okay unless you’re very picky about it. Some people prefer to have a teapot only for gyokuro, but I’m not one of them :)
For gyokuro you may use an even smaller teapot, and cups that hold 20ml. It’s not a must, but it looks nicer and it’s more traditional.

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