Artp said

Encouraging Tea Stories

Hi all!

I was recently writing a blog about how I use tea to build relationships, to the point that I am known on my college campus for “tea-dates.” Writing the blog, I realized I’ve had 150+ tea-dates in the past 3 years, with over 40 different people, sometimes as many as 8 per week. The conversations range in topic, but 90% of the tea-dates have been an instance where I or a friend (or stranger who became a friend) needed encouragement.

I was wondering if you have any tea stories you’d like to share? I’ll start off with two:

I mentored 2 freshman guys on my campus last spring, and come finals week I knew these guys would be totally overwhelmed with studying and tests. So I packed two mugs, some mate’ and my hot pot and trekked over to their dorm at about 9 pm. I showed up at their doors with piping hot mugs of tea, took a moment to sit and hear them out about ow stressed they were, and by the time I left both seemed a little more light-hearted. It was such a blessing I ended up repeating the process many times since (we call them tea-dates-to-go)

Tea was also a huge part of getting through my father’s passing last January. I was in my first week of my spring semester of junior year, and I got a phone call that dad had tragically and totally unexpectedly passed away. I was a horribly stressful semester, I was taking 22 credits while working 2 jobs and being a constant emotional support to mom. I didn’t have much time for myself, but I made sure to make time for a mug of tea every night; tea was one constant, one thing I enjoyed when life was CRAZY and hectic. Often, if a roommate or friend walked in on me crying on a particularly hard day, they’d instantly start up the hot pot.

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yssah said

wow, thanks for sharing about your tea experiences Artp!

im also going thru a bit of a rough time right now. it is God’s Word and promises that have primarily seen me through my darkest hours and will continue to do so. but tea is my #2 pick me up, for sure!

a cup of milk oolong, tho it had cooled, gently eased my heavy heart just now ^^

Serenity said

((hugs)) yssah

gmathis said

(This one always makes me smile. Surely the psalmist was a tea drinker :)
Lord, You are my portion
and my cup of blessing;
You hold my future.
Psalms 16:5 (HCSB)

Katiek said

Sending good thoughts, Yssah.

yssah said

thank you for the hugs, the verse, and good thoughts!
reminds me of another verse! my cup overflows…with His love AND yours!

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teapot1 said

Yes Artp, thank you for sharing…I can just imagine how much that gesture must have meant to the students you were mentoring. The fact that in addition to being there for them, you also shared with them something which means much to you and brings you great comfort.

I’m starting a new chapter of my adult life and tea has been very pleasing and comforting to me…

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gmathis said

What great stories! Isn’t it funny how something as simple as a cuppa can be such a wonderful situation-changer?

Artp said

So true. Love that psalm as well!

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