yssah said

Earth-friendly idea: Don't throw away your bubble mailers

I have amassed a great number of bubble mailers because I felt bad about throwing them away. A few I have reused tho that is a couple of steps extra from using a fresh one.

Anyways, I’m not sure how many would actually mind it if the bubble mailer was covered up with a biodegradable polybag and mailed but if nobody seriously objects, I would totally reuse them.

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Azzrian said

I reuse boxes, and mailers all of the time. I never was nice enough to think to ask others if it was okay but just went ahead and did it.
Its very earth friendly as you said so I say reuse! :)

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darky said

i always reuse those things if there i good shape, its eco friendly and helps saving a little bit off money in the end.

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Jude said

I always reuse them as a matter of principle – no need to cover with polybag, as long as the mailer is intact, I simply slap a fresh label over the address and a return label over the existing return address. I cut the end shorter if need be, just use clear packing tape and it seals up perfectly.

If you visit a landfill some time you’ll be shocked at the enormity of the cumulative volume of trash; extremely sobering, changed the way I live. Single-use plastic containers and excess packaging are pretty much a thing of the past for me now.

yup! Sometimes I’ve even patched up mailers or boxes with a bit a tape. Good enough to survive the trip and one more thing kept out of the landfill. I’ve even been known to reuse tea pouches if I know they are not contaminated with previous teas. For example, Teavivre sent a bunch of small sample packs inside a larger tea pouch. no actual tea touched the inside of the pouch and it’s perfect for strong smelling teas such as the Raspberry Lemon Black from Ovation that I’ve been mailing out. :)

Kittenna said

Mercuryhime – you sent me a couple teas in a Teavivre bag!! I thought it was the most genius thing!! :D

Thank you Kittenna. It’s nice to have one’s genius confirmed. :D I think I remember your case. I was trying to keep the flavored teas apart from the unflavored ones. Hope it worked!

Kittenna said

It was a really good idea, because you sent me Mint Chocolate Rooibos and IIRC Neapolitan Honeybush from 52teas, and the mint would definitely have ruined the other teas, especially for me! So yes, it did work!

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Kittenna said

Honestly, with all the swaps I have done I have yet to purchase mailing materials. I have just kept everything I’ve been sent that’s in reasonable shape, and passed it along! Sometimes it’s not the prettiest, but I feel better for doing so.

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