kskwerl said

Teavana and pesticides...

Hey guys, I’m just getting into tea and wanted to know if there was ever a final verdict on teavana tea and pesticides?

I just bought some teavana tea today and then started doing some searching online and I found the pesticide thing.

I can’t have caffeine really, I can in very small doses like white tea.

So if teavana is no good where should I be getting my tea?


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If you can’t have caffeine you’ll want to be careful. White tea from the fujian area is low in caffeine because the plants in that area are naturally low in caffeine, but other whites teas from different areas can have levels of caffeine equal to greens and oolongs.

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Erin said

kskwerl, I would not worry too much about Teavana having any more or less pesticides than other teas (or other produce from the grocery store). I am still drinking mine, and have even bought more since I read about the scandal.

My biggest complaint about Teavana was the unscrupulous lying & their business practices. They made a specific claim about meeting European standards, and then offered no evidence that they even bothered with the testing. They could not even name the standards they were claiming to meet (all standards are published on the internet & are identified by name/number- and in the world of quality control, you would never discuss testing without specifying the name).

kskwerl said

Thanks Erin, I guess I really never thought about it that way and got all worried when I heard the word pesticide.

As a beginner can you make any other recommendations in terms of upper tier teas?


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Uniquity said

As Incense&Tea mentioned, not all white teas are made equal. Some have moire caffeine than even blacks, so just be aware.

I don’t imagine that one could conclusively conclude that ANY tea company out there is 100% pesticide free. Even products that meet organic standards can have pesticide contamination from neighbouring properties/soil/water.

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Hi everyone! This is my first thing I’ve posted on this site, but I was also wondering if you guys have heard about the stories of employees apparently seeing things in the large tea containers that shouldn’t be there (ladybugs, cockroaches, for example). Do you believe this? I’m so confused right now on where I can be guaranteed to get good, healthy tea without having to worry about this kind of stuff.

darby select said

While I am an avid Teavana fan I would recommend checking out Verdant Tea. They are local to me and their tea is above and beyond.

Bugs happen, I’ve seen it a few times, all different companies, but I don’t think it discriminates as teas do have stuff bug would eat and such. If one stores tea well at the store and at home, you shouldn’t have a problem.
If it does happen, return the tea! If if they make a stink about it, post about it on Steepster.

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