DavidsTea Spring Collection Preview

Soooo since I made the Winter Collection preview thread, I figured I’d make one for the spring collection that comes out next Wednesday!

Rumor has it that Copabanana is one of the ones coming back for spring.

And DavidsTea’s twitter feed released this picture of one of the spring mugs:

I am so excited! Is there any tea you are hoping will make a comeback this season? I am pretty stoked for the mugs.

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BoxerMama said

I went to buy a new mug and my store only had one design. . . Which signals to me that there will be MANY! I love this one! I can’t imagine a prettier one.

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Dustin said

How often do they have new collection? Is it every season?

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Yeah they do one every season, and right now that includes 5 teas plus new teaware.

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Cavocorax said

I love that new mug! I wonder what else they’ll release!

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AHHHHH I can not wait for March 6 you guys. Seriously. Everything is so beautiful/tasty.

Kittenna said

So cruel D:

bwahahahahahahahaha lol :P

Teavangelical no I want to know! :P

Ellyn select said

ohhhhhhhh, I want to know!!

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Sounds like a good time for me to try out DavidsTea! Any suggestions as to what to buy? I’ve never had anything from there!

like everything. hahaha, I LOVE Birthday Cake, Banana Nut Bread, Red Velvet Cake, Buttered Rum, Cookie Dough, Pumpkin Chai, Salted Caramel, and am in the midst of tasting Movie Night as I type this. I don’t have a DAVIDs anywhere near me and as soon as I tasted some I longed for it, yummmm

Unfortunetly many of those are discontinued or leaving because they were part of the winter collection. But really anything is pretty good.

Vanilla Orchid oolong!

Thanks for the tips! I live in the midwest and I had never even heard of DavidsTea until
I joined Steepster. I know that I am going to try “Oh, Canada”. It sounds good, looks interesting, and I am a HUGE hockey fan! Love the anthem!!!!!

Get Chocolate Rocket! Sosososooo good its my fav tea ever.

tattooed_tea…do you know which ones they are discontinuing? I LOOOOVE cookie dough. I’m hoping it’s going to be available online still. And I still haven’t tried pumpkin chai, which I’ve heard is amazing. Do I need to get a stash order together?


There is a topic here with all the ones they are discontinuing.
Cookie Dough is seasonal so once the spring teas come out Cookie Dough is suppose to be gone, but may end up online only.
Pumpkin Chai is always available.

Nice to see another Hockey fan on here!!!! From Davids I would recommend the Genmaicha(cant beat the price) and the second flush darjeeling. Both are super tasty. The mango madness is also very good and I am usually not a big fan of fruity teas…but this one for some reason is very good.

AmyTran96 said

Buttered Rum, Salted Caramel, Ginseng Oolong and Vanilla Orchid Oolong are definitely worth a try!

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Uniquity said

I LOVE IT! I really don’t need more teaware, but I always get sucked in. Maybe new cute bubble mugs too?

Hoping that this year Davids takes a break from the coconut, as I’ve just about had it with every collection being a coconut fiesta. Some of us hate the stuff!

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Kamyria said

Ahhh.. this is so exciting! :D

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Ellyn select said

I just went shopping at the new David’s in Boston this wknd!! OHHH temptation to go back!

I was supposed to see a friend who was on a business trip in Boston in March and I was almost more excited about going to a DAVIDs than seeing her…pitiful haha

Ellyn select said

I was shocked when I realized they now have TWO boston locations!!!! Anyone want to come to Boston for a tea roadtrip?

I think besides going into Canada, Boston is still closest for me. Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to do a weekend trip to Boston with me :) I think he’d be down for it!

Ellyn select said

It would be fun! Also, next time I plan to go to CT I will certainly see if we can meet up. :)

Which one did you go to? I’ve only been to the Tremont St. one. Apparently the Washington St. one is huge though… :)

Ellyn select said

I went to the Tremont St. one. I have also been to the Washington St. one. The Washington St. one is def bigger but parking is easier in the south end then downtown crossing. :) Are you in Boston?

I live about 20 miles outside! I’m in NY most of the year for school but when I come home I’m fairly close :) I assume you’re somewhere in the area?

Ellyn select said

yeah, i’m in framingham. used to live in north end but grew up and now live in the ’burbs. :)

Next time I run the Boston marathon I will be hitting up the Davids tea there!!! Boston is such a great city…maybe my fave US city. Congrats on getting a David there!!!

I’m so jealous of all of you!!! I’m stuck here in the midwest.

bakingbluesfan, I was thinking that too, but then I found out that there are two stores in Chicago. What’s a three-hour drive between tea lovers? LOL

I’m in the Northeast but nowhere near a DAVIDs haha, we’re making a special trip (3.5 hours) to Boston to go to one for the first time in a couple of weeks

Ellyn select said

Tea Road trip! You should also check out cardulo’s in harvard square they have quite the collection of imports, etc. Kusmi, etc.

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They just posted a note for Coco Lemon Thai.

Uniquity said

Gah, every time they say coco they mean coconut. :(

Ellyn select said

I too am not a big coconut fan. ARGuuuhhh. So many good flavors, why always use the same one?

I think that must be the tea of the month.

I tried this one tonight and I promise, the coconut it n where near a prevalent flavour. It just adds a sweet creaminess to it. This one tastes like lemon pudding to me. It’s super tasty!

I wasn’t a huge fan of cocomint cream :S but this one might be good.. it kind of sounds like exotica but with coconut? .. might be nice :)

Aimee! Yes, but a bit more lemony and a bit more creamy.

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