DavidsTea Spring Collection Preview

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Can’t wait to see what they are offering up for Spring, though Winter and Fall are always my favorite times of the year as far as Davidstea is concerned :)

mine too. I appreciate fruity teas and I’m sure when it warms up I will be all about it. But right now I’m still craving warm, sweet, spicy flavours like chai and choolate teas. Chocolate chilli chai is a particular favourite right now.

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momo said

I was looking through their FB page and they mentioned a coconut oolong.

Omg that would be perfect! I have a coconut oolong I like but a Davids one would be more accessible.

it’s really nice, tastes a bit like coconut rice to me. I can’t wait to blend it with Pineapple Oolong!

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The coconut oolong is going to be AWESOME ;)

I need that elephant mug….or a teapot version….

I want the tea pot too Shayne, I’ve been waiting for them to come out with a pot and mugs set that I have to buy, this might be it :)

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- Copabanana
- Coconut Oolong
- Daydreamer
- Pom Tango
- Honeydew Mate

They just posted this list on Facebook. Teavangelical now you can tell us all about them :)

glad Copabanana is back, it was my favourite banana blend! I still have lots of Daydreamer left from stocking up when it went away a couple months ago. Looking forward to a new pomegranite tea, honeydew doesn’t appeal to me much but I’ll still try it. And coconut oolong is AMAZING. I mean, uhh, I haven’t tried it yet [tries to look super innocent]

Haha well I have a coconut oolong from Zentea that I’ve really been enjoying, so I hope this is just as good! I’ve had it on my wishlist, I would totally get a tin if I like it right away. I’ve been waiting for Davids to come out with some new flavoured oolongs because other than pinapple oolong none of the others really pop for me :)

Artp said

What’s copabanana like?

Cavocorax said

Sweet Canadian – I’ve got the same one from Zen tea and I adore it. I think I’ve swapped it with 6 different people know because they NEED to try it. :P I wonder how this will compare, and if it’ll be cheaper…

That’s too bad about the coconut teas for those who aren’t interested. I’m interested in Pom Tango – hope it’s hibiscus free!

And I am SO excited about the new teaware!

The coconut oolong is lovely, it’s not an incredibly sweet tea, it is really nice to have that coconut flavour without the sickly sweet flavour that sometimes accompanies it.

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YES PLEASE – I want to try all of them! :) They all sound amazing, especially the coconut oolong, pom tango and honeydew mate.

Awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of another honeydew tea.

Goji Pop from David’s Tea also has a lot of honeydew in it! The Pom Tango is a black tea with pomegranate and mango.

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Ellyn select said

I can’t wait to see the new teaware!

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Kittenna said

Daydreamer? Bleh. And I wasn’t a big fan of Copabanana, but oh well. I’m interested in the other three!! Plus the TOTM :D

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Uniquity said

DT, why so much coconut? :(
Holding out hope for the pom one, but the rest don’t appeal. Probably for the best!

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that sounds good.. i think that was what i wanted for exotica .. i love exotica but i felt the lemon could be more prevalent… i got exotica iced last summer and i think it was quite oversteeped and it tasted just like lemon cookies…. i’m excited to try this new one!

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Ellyn select said

Despite the fact that not all the teas are SUPER my thing…I am so excited!! arg!!!!

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