What are your go-to teas?

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I don’t have many constants except that I almost always start the morning with a sweet flavoured black or a straight black. I try to drink a matcha right after lunch and usually a cup of gyokuro too. In the evening I avoid mate and guayusa but other than than it’s usually flavoured blends.

I try to drink at least one cup of a straight green or oolong everyday but recently I’ve fallen in love with gyokuro so it’s usually that.

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lteg select said

My go-to teas are pretty fluid, but I do have some I find myself going to slightly more often than others.

Mornings: I tend to reach for Paris or a darjeeling.
Afternoons: This one really varies, but I like a tea I can steep enough times to get through my entire workday on one basket. I am really into Vietnam Nam Lanh right now but will probably switch to an oolong once it starts to get warmer.
Evening: I love a relaxing herbal like Sleepytime Vanilla or sometimes a caffeinated Moroccan Mint.

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