my tea was held by Chinese customs/??

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James R said

This has happened to me ordering from Teavivre. The outside of my keemun package was slit open, but the tea was double wrapped. The product was undamaged but it was unnerving. I have sent an email to Teavivre requesting that they put a “Fragile” sticker on their product. Not sure if they have done that yet, but it would be helpful! The other thing is that time it took over a month for my order to arrive, so I always pay for shipping now.

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sandra said

i contacted Teavivre and they looked into it.

As it happens, I received my 1st order today, it was opened in China. It was taped again o.k, and no one of the foils were broken, though they seem to be taken out of the box and then tossed back in.
I am just relieved everything arrived safe in the end. and yes, it took a while, but I don’t mind. I just didn’t expect difficulties with outgoing customs in China however, since EU standards are very, very strict; I anticipated having issues with incoming customs instead.
all is well now, off to enjoy my teas!!!

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