Charbrew said

New Specialist Tea Company needs critique from Tea Connoisseurs

Charbrew is a new tea company based in the UK we would love people to check out our website and give some critique on branding and the product range. Please give feedback and suggestions on here or either via email

’If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you. ’

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Marie said

Hi Adam. Visited your website from the US on Apple’s Safari browser. Beautiful website. Just a quick couple of things. Perhaps I missed it, but in case I didn’t, I was not able to see the quantities for how much tea I would be getting for the price listed on any of the selections. Also, as you add more tea selections, you might want to add a quick click menu to go directly to different sections. I’m mostly interested in black teas, so it would be nice to only just see those instead of having to wade through all the others. Another thing you might want to consider is a close up shot of each tea mix out of the bag. For some reason for me as a tea connoisseur, I love to see the visuals of the tea I’m buying and how it looks close up. It gives me the impression that I’m buying a specialized product and not something that is necessarily prepackaged. It’s just a visual aesthetic that I like, and know it’s a personal preference. I’m cheering you on though!!! It takes a LOT of courage to put yourself out there on the market and get a grassroots following started. More courage than most! :)

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Charbrew said

Thank you Amy pointed out some good things will try and get them edited good to get a perspective from true tea drinkers.


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I would like to see the size listed in my cart (for example, Darjeeling-2oz)

i assume these come in the bags pictured and there are not other options

no close up images of the teas?

no sorting by type?

i do like how the ingredients are clearly listed

quantities seconded here. This is important to a lot of people. Knowing exactly what we are getting when we buy is part of the shopping experience. Just put the grams amount in the description somewhere.

Your designer really did a great job, the site itself is beautifully done!

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TeaParT said

You might want to make click-able links on the Where to Buy page.

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Jillian said

“Tea Connoisseurs” – I feel so special! ;)

One thing is that it would be nice to see a closeup photograph of each loose tea, the pictures you have are pretty small and don’t give the customer a good idea visually of what the tea is like.

It would also be nice to know how much tea one is getting in grams/ounces. It might be advantageous to have smaller samples available for people to try for a couple dollars (pounds?). Personally I’m reluctant to buy large quantities of tea if I don’t know if I like it or not. Samples area good way to get customers interested.

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Its really great to see some new tea sites in the UK!

FYI – I’m using Safari browser on a Mac.

The graphics on the homepage are great, really impressive. The navigation is a little difficult to use, you can’t click directly on the links you have to click just above them.

A small layout bug on the Online Shop section stops you from seeing the navigation properly (screen shot ).

I would like a little more info about the tea, so as oppose to just a list of teas you could go to a product details page with more images and info. The ingredients list is a good idea. There is also no info about delivery charge before you purchase.

Good luck with the site, the UK needs more good online tea shops.

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Charbrew said
Meeting my web-designer later this week and going to try include a lot of the things that you all mentioned. And please keep the suggestions coming in as the site changes

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Charbrew said

Yeah thanks david think it need re-configuring for Safari, much appreciated . Adam

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Charbrew said

I have edited my listings on Steepster so that you can have a look at the quantities and format the teas come in, I will get this added to the website asap

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Cait select said

I’d like a link from an item in the shopping cart to the description of the item in the store — it’s not a big deal now with your short tea list, but it’s nice to be able to review what I’m buying before I hit “buy”.

(Also, there’s a typo in your description of Charbrew Original: “This fun winter blend has converted may many black tea drinkers to the herbal experience.” (It sounds delicious, though!))

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