Red Leaf Tea Matcha - Bitterness help?

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BoxerMama said

I have a variety of flavours and grades of Red Leaf and I have only had an issue with bitterness when I either use too hot of water or I use too much powder. I prefer my matcha around 70 C, though.

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Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! It was the Tiramisu match that I tried, and I did try adding more water afterwards, and it was better. I also tried adding frothed milk and it was better again, but still very bitter. I’ll try next time using a little less of the powder, whisking a whole lot more, and maybe cooling the water by a couple of degrees. I’ll also try yssah’s suggestion and try making it colde and just shaking it. Glad to heat that I’m not the only one that has experienced this phenomenon! :) You guys are always so helpful you ROCK!!!

yssah said

ah, glad a newbie like me can help out a little bit too! you can also try it with lukewarm in a shakebottle coz the cold water may mask some of the good flavors but yeah, if it is bitter cold may be best ^^’

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I used to have this issue way back when as well. I think it just takes getting used to. Also, you’ll need to use different amounts for various methods. Lattes vs shaken bottle or smoothies etc.

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Uniquity said

I’m not particularly a fan of RLT matcha (or matcha in general, to be fair) but I find it much more palatable when shaken in a bottle with cold water rather than whisked with hot. Good luck!

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I’m very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy our product. If you contact us with your order number I will try to see if there maybe any issues with this particular batch.
Please note that the most basic matcha grade that we offer is great when making matcha latter drinks that include milk and sugar. This is a great option for those on a low budget and generally do not require high quality matcha product. We have added this lower option last year after getting many requests for more economical price. That’s why the price is now $15.99 instead of $19.99.
Please note that, unlike many other stores, we give you wide range of options, starting with wide range of matcha quality levels and types as well as the amount of flavor added. Many of our customers after picking couple different options, tend to get better understanding which options suites there taste the best. After all, flavor is a very personal opinion. If it was not, all stores would only carry one type of tea since there would be no need for more.
Once again, I’m very sorry to hear that you did not love our product as much as we do. Please contact us and I can arrange for you to get a sample of our higher grade matcha so that you could have a comparison.
We really do want our customers to be happy.

Red Leaf Tea,

I don’t really think it’s so much an issue with the product as my preparation. I have many different flavours so I will be getting a lot of practice! LOL. That being said, my order number is 2093. The one I have tried is Tiramisu. As I stated before though, I don’t think it’s a reflection of the product, but we shall see! I would still really appreciate the opportunity to try a sample of a higher grade matcha. My order had several items on backorder, so if you’d like to include the sample when you send the other items, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be experimenting with the grades as well as flavour levels in future orders to see what my husband and I like best.

Thank you so much for your awesome customer service! You have been wonderful to deal with and rest assured, I’ll get this matcha thing figured out with yours and everyone else on steepster’s help! Wish me luck!

I’ll be glad to add a sample to your order. You can tell me the flavor you want me to mix right now, or if you don’t mind my suggestion, since it will take a week for us to ship your back ordered items, you can give us the flavor at the end of next week when you have tried more of our product and may have better understanding which flavors work better for you personally. It’s always better to try and test flavor you already know that you like and enjoy.

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