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Azzrian said

Is the REWARDS tab on the right side showing for anyone or is it only disappearing on my browser these days? I just noticed today its not there but it was yesterday.

graceatblb said

The rewards button is on the left side with all of the Share links. It’s on the bottom. I had trouble finding it too. They seem to have changed the layout a bit.

yssah said

it wasnt there for me yesterday. and today. but i saw it there before…

Dont see it!

Sil select said

Azzrian – if you go to any tea on the site, you’ll find it on the left side. pops out on the side of the tea page.

darby select said

Nope, gone for me too. :(

Sil select said

darby – did you go to an actual tea page and look to the left? there should be a tab that’s popped out for “share” and the button option says rewards program. when you click on that, it behaves like the red tab used to

Azzrian said

Thanks! I did find it. Used to be on RIGHT side – now on LEFT side when you actually select a tea to view. Thanks all!

darby select said

Nope, still not there.

yssah said


on the left side of the tea (no need to scroll down) ^^

thank you Sil :)

pavl said

One thing I noticed is that I had to disable my Ghostery Extension for the rewards tab to work, or to stop it from blocking Punchtab and Spring Metrics.

Hi all,

The location of our Rewards tab has changed (as of Friday). We just switched over in order to make the integration of our rewards program more harmonious and to make it as convenient as possible for all of you to use.

You’ll now find the Rewards tab on every product page and Tea Discovery article, on the left-hand side of the page. As you scroll, it should travel up and down the page with you. The goal is to make the rewards tab more accessible and to make it easier to share pages with your friends.

Unfortunately, this moved the rewards tab off the home page. Sorry for the confusion here! The rewards tab will be back on the home page very soon. This will make signing in and joining the program easier and more intuitive. In the meantime, the tab appears on the left-hand side of almost every other page on the website.

Thank you all again for voicing your questions here. Your support is much appreciated, as it helps us to make all of our programs better.

Many Thanks,

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I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for letting us know :)

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Hi Folks!

We had a little summit here at the office working hard to figure out how to reduce the shipping burden for Tea of the Month as much as possible among our Canadian customers. I am very excited to be able to offer an improved shipping model for our Canadian friends so quickly. Here’s how it breaks down now:

Reserve Club and our Bundle now ship for free to Canada! They come in above our free shipping threshold of $40, so I pushed to make it work. It’s the least we can do for your support.

Tea of the Month Club Classic and Free Trial shipping charges from Canada have been separated from the rest of international, reflecting the lower cost compared to shipping to Europe and elsewhere. We are covering about half the shipping expense for these subscriptions, bringing down the shipping charge to just $4.50.

Anyone from Canada who has signed up at the higher shipping rate in the last few days will see shipping charges refunded, and lock in to the new lower rates.

Of course, anyone already locked in to the rates we offered before USPS doubled their shipping charges to Canada will continue to enjoy free shipping.

Thanks for the input here! Very excited to be sharing our farmer friends’ teas with so many tea drinkers.


OMGsrsly said

Yay!!!!! Thanks so much!

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