Infussion said

Free worldwide shipping on all orders + special steepster offer -

We would like to announce that we’re offering free worldwide shipping on ALL orders.

We have introduced affordable samples of ALL our products, starting from 1.19$.

Every 10$ spent on order gets you 1 free sample of your choice!

To show our appreciation for members of the finest tea community on the Internet we’re offering even more for you. For every free sample you will get a flowering silver needle tea! Just register an account when doing checkout and write in the comments “I’m from steepster!”.

For those of you experiencing bitter matcha we have 1,99$ sample of ceremonial grade organic matcha to let you experience how top quality matcha should taste like. Common 30g amount is priced very competitively.

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Ohh go on then, you have twisted my arm and I have just placed an order with you. :)

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So have I. My first tea order in several months. :-)

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Brambr said

Couldn’t resist this offer so I placed an order too!

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