Tina12 said

David's Tea

I just wanted to say David’d tea rocks. I had some problems with my last order and not only did they replace the the tea for free but they sent 2 tins and 3 samples. I will be ordering from them again in the future.

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Uniquity said

Sometimes I wish I bought from them online so that there could be an error and then they could compensate me with free tea. Ah, the disadvantage of going to the store. :)

Glad they fixed it up!

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Yup, their customer service is great!

I live near a store now but sometimes I order online anyway… just for the free samples and the thrill of getting a package at home :)

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Lindsay said

Once I had to wait in line at DT for 15 minutes to buy a sampler box of tea, and I got 10% off just because no one could ring me up right away.

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