Teas for X, Y, and Z (in case of emergency, or happiness)

Does anyone else have teas that they MUST have on hand in case of good or bad life occurrences? Who am I kidding, of course you do! I have a few teas in semi small amounts in my stash that I can never part with because they are my in case of emergency teas. They would be on my list of people to call if something bad happens. And then I have a few I can’t part with because I must drink them to mark life events.

In case of emergency teas:
1) Cold 911 – For sickness
2) Le Digestive – For stomach aches
3) Super Ginger – For sickness
4) Some Velvet Morning – Recently picked up for hangovers, we’ll see if it works
5) The Skinny – For all nighters
6)Chocolate Rocket – for after all nighters

For Happiness
1) Pinapple Oolong – for general happy times
2) Birthday Cake – for birthdays
3) Pumpkin Chai – for fall
4) Strawberry Ginger – for spring
5) Sleigh Ride – for winter
6) Pink Flamingo – for gin

These are all Davids blends, I have a few 52 teas I wish I could add but because they probably won’t be reblended I can’t rely on them for happy times. Share with me yours!

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Lala said

Ginger peach – President’s Choice, for stomach upset/digestion.
Lemon meyer – Stash, for colds or sore throat.
Mint medley – Bigelow, for after meals.
Earl Grey – Twinnings, for any and all occaisions.

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BoxerMama said

I like to keep ginger teas and mint leaf teas on hand. Both for headaches and upset tummies.

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Katiek said

Moon Over Madagascar vanilla tea, for when I just want something comforting.

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I love spicy, woody and sweet teas; I always need a good chocolate black, a spicy or fruity green, and good oolong(green or dark), though I’m not picky on a certain one yet. Here are the current ones:
Yu Lu Lan Cha- black tea (verdant)
Smaug: Spicy green tea (52 Teas)
Oolong: Earl of Anxi (verdant)

As far as tea hording, I have a hard time drinking away 52 Teas ones. I am also save/hording is the later Zhu Rong from Verdant Tea. It’s velvety, woody, cocoa and spicy tones in it are just awesome. I was so sad when it was gone from the site. I have enough left of a western brew but I am saving it for a special occasion(or until it might get to that undrinkable point.)

I have been hoarding silver buds yaboa and the eight treasure spring version; I will be sadly finishing up the latter. Luckily the other one is a pu-er, so I can tea hoard as long as I want.

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