K S said

Computer geeks - need browser/blogger help

For my tea blog I used to use IE8 when writing posts using blogger. I quit when the add image from file option stopped working. So I started using Chrome. Now it is doing the same thing. Oddly I went back to IE8 and it is working now. I don’t get it. I use Windows firewall and AVG free. I added blogger.com to my exceptions on popup blockers. I really like Chrome better after getting used to it. Any other ideas?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

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I don’t use blogger or IE, I use chrome and wordpress (which adds images with a drag and drop method)

make sure your browser is updated, along with stuff like flash / java. If it acts wacky, just rebooting the browser works sometimes, as your browser could of updated its self and stuff might of got messed up or needed a reboot to take effect.

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James R said

Chrome automatically updates your Flash, so you don’t need to manually update it. Go chrome://extensions/ and see if anything is running. Another plugin may be blocking the uploader. The other thing to try would be to upload your photos separately and link them with HTML.

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K S said

I found a help forum post saying this was a known bug in IE. Apparently the fix affected Chrome because it works now in explorer. Why do they have to tinker when something works? New is not always better.

mrmopar said

Agreed if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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