poll - your favorite type of unflavored tea

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I would be interested in both oolongs or premium Japanese greens, but know for sure I would restock the Japanese greens (assuming I liked yours) faster.

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Heidi! said

Wow- the Infussion guy is really hitting nerves these days. Way to go Infussium! I myself find that I am open to all kinds of teas, I have enjoyed sampling their berries, their bark, or roots….whichever the Catuaba is(smells like my childhood hamster’s cage, really…) Lapacho was the least scary so far- inocuous as a daily cup of tea- with supposed health benefits, have not tried the matcha yet but on my way- if you could blend benefits with actually pleasing taste that might be a trick right there. Then again, I guess I could always dump a ton of rose hips and rose petals into the basic brews, maybe toss in something strong to cover the taste like cinnamon or licorice- but I go for spicy and interesting. Your teaas are definitely interesting. Dig up more weird stuff, I love it!

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I’m still exploring the options and haven’t finalized my feelings towards oolongs, but I know for certain that Japanese greens are at the top of my list.

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