Electric kettle limescale prevention

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Garret said

HI! Vinegar is not to be used on metal. Too harsh of an acid that actually (over time) attacks the metal. And… it stinks.

Try this: https://shopmandalatea.com/tea-wares/tea-accessories/zojirushi-water-heater-cleaner-descaler.html

Can be used for any kettle, not just zo kettles. This is organic and food grade. Won’t attack metal and does not stink.

As far as getting spots in kettles when using water that is softened – you’re cold water line in your kitchen is likely not softened. One does not want to consume softened water as the sodium ion thang is all funky and not good for arteries, so it is customary to not soften drinking water supply in kitchen.

Happy holidays to all,

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ehcor said

Hi Everyone,

I have a small square stone in my kettle, it stops any limescale from building up. I’ve had it for years, but I’ve no idea where I got it from. I’ve tried to find them to buy for friends, but I’ve had absolutely no luck. It’s a brilliant little thing and I’m sure a lot of people would use them, if they could find them!

Is it something like this? My husband has some of these stones that are designed to be chilled in the freezer and then put into drinks. http://smile.amazon.com/DB-Tech-Whisky-Chilling-Rocks-Gift/dp/B006078D4W/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1454159102&sr=8-3&keywords=drinking+stones

ehcor said

Oh my goodness, that’s exactly what it looks like! I’ve had mine for over 30 years and it does a great job.

Good to know!

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I use lemon juice. It takes the limescale right off.

Psyck said

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AKestrel said

When I was young my mother kept the kettle on the stove and it had marbles in it. the inside of the kettle never formed lime scale but the marbles did. they never seemed to shed the scale. once I tried to clean one and found the scale was very hard and I couldn’t get it off. about 20 years ago or so my wife and I tried this trick but the marbles never seemed to collect the minerals. I wondered if it was "modern Marbles. the old ones were from the 40s and50s no doubt. Yes the kettle made noise when you poured from it but the marbles stayed on the bottom so it didn’t matter. The water always stayed clear.

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