When you feel like crap what do you drink?

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Cocomint Cream from DAVIDs

still need to try it. love coconut

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Green tea with lemon in it. and a spoon of honey. Instant mood changer for me, and a great soothing feeling down a sore throat!

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Chizakura said

Cream of Earl Grey. It’s so smooth and sweet and soothing. It’s a loose tea from DavidsTea, and I like to add a bit of golden sugar and a bit of milk. Amps up the comfort level. :)

But if I’m feeling like crap as in SICK, I either do hot water with honey and lemon or a good bold breakfast tea. The kind that sort of punches you in the face, haha.

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yyz said

A strong earl grey, homemade ginger chai, pepermint tea, or ginger decotion( boiled ginger) that I either add honey and lemon to ( and sometimes whisky), or drink straight, or if it is my throat sage tea made from sage in the garden plus cardamon and ginger or mint depending on my mood ( don’t take this if you are nursing a child as sage has been used historically to help dry up ones milk).

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That depends on what kind of “crap”. If it’s from illness- peppermint tea, or usually sweet ginger heat. It use to be jinga citrus twist, until I found out it was discontinued.

If it’s a case of the blahs, Pumpkin Chai, or one of my fav flavoured oolongs- creamy nut oolong, spiced mandarin oolong or wonderberry truffle.

Davids discontinued the pumpkin chai and I didn’t catch it before they were out ! :(

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Physically, I often force myself to make David’s North African Mint with lots of honey. I don’t especially like the tea and I’m really not a honey fan, but I know both of those will help.

Mentally, often a green oolong or a dragonwell, unless I want something decadent, in which case it’s the Vanilla Mystique from Dallywater’s. Or, if I really want to treat myself, the aged silver needle from Verdant. I’m hoarding the last of my stash.

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One of my medicinal teas or chamomile if I feel physically like crap. I can’t stand ginger in anything so I have to make do with that and mint. No additives.

Mentally like crap, a nice Yunnan black that I can resteep a couple of times without much extra effort. Add milk and sugar.

yssah said

curioius about your medicinal teas

There’s a couple of ‘throat’ teas in my cupboard, but I really consider any herbal with no fruit pieces and a lot of ingredients to be ‘medicinal’ in some ways.

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Wine? Mead? Uh, either chai or something minty.

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When I’m down in the dumps, tired or just generally out of sorts, I reach for a good Japanese sencha or gyokuro. Something about green tea always improves my mood. I also like Teavana’s Body + Mind tea for this.

If I have a cold or sore throat, I drink Traditional Medicinals’ Echinacea Plus or Gypsy Cold Care, or just about any “detox” or “calming” herbal tea.

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Above the Weather from Voila in Frederick is my secret weapon. It’s basically anise seed and chamomile. It hits the spot, cures all ails, even helps me when I am in the throws of a nasty migraine.

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