Tea promotion video

I just spent the last several days putting together a little promotional video for tea.


I admit that get tired of seeing all the Calm-a-sutra videos on YouTube. Many of them are awesome, but they always seemed to get ruined by the Tea Council’s requirement to have health information in them. Otherwise great videos get spoiled because it is so hard to put scientific information into marketing (remember, the annual Calm-a-Sutra scholarship program is nothing but a gigantic and cost-free marketing plan for the Tea Council).

Anyhow, I left all that garbage out and did something fun instead. Yes, it promotes my site, but is also says something great about tea! Come by and have a look – let me know what you think!


Leafbox Tea

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TeaParT said

Enjoyed this. Starts out like the Helvetica movie and brings it on home with tea!

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