Mistakes you've made related to tea...

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Mis-brewing gyokuro :(

could you elaborate on what happened? It is possible this has happened to me.

I’m not too sure. I think I didn’t get the temperature just right, or I infused too much, or I didn’t store it properly. It was the last of a Den’s sample.

gotcha, thanks! I was concerned that I diluted mine, a (tevanna I got in trade) it was veeeery veggie tasting.

I figured it out. When I stored the tea from the samples in baggies, I didn’t label the baggies at first. I must have mixed up the sencha and the gyokuro.

So that’s mistake within a mistake. Ooops.

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Buying a puerh cake that I hated.

Forgetting about tea that’s steeping or forgetting that I started a gongfu session and only getting 1 use out of the leaves.

Knocking over a very large open tin of tea. Dropping an entire bottle of flavoring. Dropping my hand painted handmade willow sencha cup. Man, I sound clumsy.

I HATE when i forget about steeping tea. Especially when its a good tea that I’m doing gongfu. Makes me quite upset. I’ve never done it first steep though. That’d make me quite not happy

I usually don’t forget a gongfu session while its steeping since I stick around because the infusions are so short but anytime after the first steep I am liable to totally forget about the leaves. I agree, its such a shame to waste a really good tea, especially since I use so much leaf when I’m doing a gongfu session.

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Transferring bag of matcha to tin and instead of scraping bag into tin deciding to make matcha out of it. Then realizing its a LOT more than you thought, and having to make a quadruple serving to compensate.

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yssah said

um…..all of the above? hahaha

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lteg select said

Haha, I just ended up making a pretty big one for the first time. Wanting something different for my second cup of the day I decided I’d re-steep my morning black but with a couple drops of peppermint oil added to spice it up. Turns out peppermint oil is a bit too strong to be putting a couple drops onto a rounded teaspoon of tea. My second cup has now become something resembling peppermint flavored water. Not actually the worst thing in the world, but definitely not what I was going for XD

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NofarS said

Dropping my favourite gaiwan and breaking its lid :(
Forgetting that I have tea steeping = overbrewing
Storing tea in glass jars (early years mistake – haven’t done that in years)
Hating the smell of a tea and still buying it (never works out for me)
Trying desert teas again and again, even though I always end up hating them

“Hating the smell of a tea and still buying it (never works out for me)”

I can relate to this one!

Tamm said

^This! The first time I smelled that scary Teavana mango thing I thought it was blah, sick me didn’t think so. I should have trusted not sick me.

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Lynxiebrat said

If I were to do that it would be because I had forgotten whether or not I had it before.

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Lynxiebrat said

Happened just this morning: I made a tea that I had just gotten on Tuesday and tried for the 1st time the other day, Mojito Black.) I forgot that Lime is a citrus and acidic and had put milk in it. So of course it curdled…though I still drank it because I wanted the caffeine as long as I ignored the weird flavor the curdled milk gave off, it was fine. LOL.

Chizakura said

Oh yikes, that sucks. Dx; Was it chunky?

Lynxiebrat said

Thank the Gods…it wasn’t! I wouldn’t of been able to drink it. I had only put like a table spoon worth of milk in there.

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Sillyvicen said

I too am also guilty of over steeping and letting it cool too long. It is not that I forget I have a cuppa tea, I always have one, I just sometimes get distracted.

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Letting the ceramic lid/saucer fall off the top of my mug and breaking.

Oversteeping my tea.

Storing my teas all together.

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