JK Tea Shop offer free sample on wild purple chrysanthemum flower tea. !!!

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Greetings… I’ve sent the paypal payment. I look forward to receiving the package.

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Hello Amazon V, Jenn-cha, Cait, Morgana, Liber-teas, well-received your delivery payment. Thank you.

We will arrange the delivery after we are back from our holidays on Tuesday. Then we will send the notices to you respectively.

enjoy your holiday

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for interests in the samples. The samples have been sent to HK air post today. Your guys will receive them around 15 days. (normally faster)
We sent to the following people who have arranged the delivery fee.
They are:
Amazon V

Pls check and avoid the mistakes of missing sending.

I would like to hear your guys feedbacks on this tea in the steepster.

JK Tea Shop

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I received my sample in today’s mail. Today has been kind of a hectic day, so I shall try it either tomorrow or Wednesday to provide feedback. Thank you very much – it arrived so much faster than I anticipated!

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