Erin said

Some interesting tea items on eBay- things I never knew existed!

Hi all!

I am not sure how many of you are on eBay, but I am always looking in their tea category ( I am not usually looking to buy anything, just to expand my knowledge & see things that I never new existed! There is definitely a whole world of tea out there to learn about!

Here are a few interesting things I saw today:

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The vitamin tea looks interesting, but not for $7 shipping.

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Orange Pu-erh is kinda neat. LOL @ the “manhood” herb.

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New Mexico Tea Co sells those orange pu’erhs.

I have one and haven’t had the guts to try it yet!

OMGsrsly said

Me too! A friend gave it to me, but I just found out what it was a few weeks ago. At least it’s puerh, so aging it isn’t as much of a problem.

mrmopar said

The orange stuffed with pu’erh is pretty good. You have just hit the tip of the iceberg on ebay’s listings. I even have a supplier over there that will source tea i can’t find listed on ebay.

I keep planning on trying the puer stuffed orange, just haven’t gotten around to ordering one yet.

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Dustin said

Those are some really interesting finds. I love the tea bag hangers! I wonder if the plastic is reusable for other bags.

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The Pu Erh in orange interested me a couple of years ago so I bought Golden Horse brand on eBay. It was the first Pu Erh I ever tried so I was new to brewing it but found myself loving the taste. It’s a great novelty to smash it up and decide how fruity you want your tea to be. :) I certainly recommend.

I love the picture on the tea block, very creative and cool! Thanks for sharing.

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Bonnie said

Thanks to mrmopar, my tea shop ordered the Orange Puerh and carries it at the shop now. People love it! For $3.95 you get a pot of the orange puerh brewed and they bag the remainder for you to take home. Good deal!(forgot to say that they bought the tea on eBay)

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