Spain tea shops/europe online tea shops

Hello everyone!

Somebody know the best online tea shops in Spain or Europe???
Because I would like to expand my tea collection.

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Infussion said

We’re doing our best to offer both good value tea and some premium ones at low prices. Don’t know if this is what you’re after. Check out for some reviews unavailable on steepster. Take a look on steepster and you’ll find a nice coupon and special steepster offer.

Free worldwide shipping.

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sandra said

hotsoup is a great pick, and teatower has quite a collection though i have not ordered from them before.
i ordered from and they are great.

canton (UK) is superb and Adiogo of course (EU based). i have others as well, will check my bookmarks later on, now off to work.

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Brambr said

Hotsoup is very good indeed! Amazing teas and the shipping rates are OK within Europe.
Teavivre is great as well. They’re not in Europe but shipping is very low and free over 30$.
PS: Infussion has a great service and I’ll tell you something about their tea in a few minutes ;)

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Roland said

I bought from when I visited Barcelona, and they seemed pretty reasonable. I’ve bought from as well, who offer a quite different (and good) range and advertise good international shipping prices.

In the UK, offer some excellent teas, although they’re a bit expensive – not sure on shipping prices.

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