Tea-Fast Over!!! Updated: 3/18/2013

Hi everyone thank you so much for your support. My tea-fast is over and I succeeded. So happy to join the rest of you drinking tea and not just reading about it. Here is my most recent post about the 7th day of my fast. I even wrote a poem…
Update 3/15/13 – I have updated my blog www.iHeartTeasTheBlog.com daily regarding my tea-fasting journey. I know may of you have been so supportive and I appreciate it greatly. You can follow my journey on my blog. I am currently on day 5. Thank you my Steepster friends you guys are great.
Update 3/12/13: Tea-Fast: Day One http://iheartteas.teatra.de/?p=1716

Update: 2 Days Pre-Tea Fast http://bit.ly/Y1pyeR I think I am losing it.

Hello fellow tea fanatics. I have decided to challenge myself to a tea-fast. I will be quitting tea cold turkey.

I explain all the details here…

I need your support and your take on my plans.

Rachel :)

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Oh geez, well good luck! :)

At points I’ve given up tea on a few vacations and during a raw food cleanse. I don’t think it made much of a difference; however, when I gave up soda that was absolutely horrible. Worst migraines ever.

Thanks I am hoping to find out I’m not as addicted as I think I am.

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I mentioned on the thread that after 3 days or so it would be easier, but also having others doing the same with you would greatly help!

Though yeah.. I have lots of tea piling up to try, so it won’t be me! I’m still happily in denial, lol!

I have to agree the one thing I am hoping will get me through this is the fact that as soon as its over I will have a ton of teas to drink. Picking the first one will be tough.

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yssah said

so….no special reason for quitting? you just want to know? hmmmm, well. it will help to have a substitute i guess. what is your next best favorite beverage? keep a lot of it on hand. and do something really fun/engaging so you dont have time to notice that it’s gone, lol.

I technically have two reasons but the biggest reason is curiosity. I really need to know how much my body has come to depend on tea. As far as a replacement or backup beverage I think I’m going with is water. Maybe some coconut water too and you are right. I’ll be keeping myself distracted that is for sure.

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Uniquity said

I think the only physical symptoms you could end up would be caffeine withdrawal, no? I enjoy tea and prefer to have a couple cups of it a day but I drink 4 or 5 times more water than tea so it’s hard for me to relate. I actually spent about a year having no more than a cup a day just because I wasn’t super interested in more. I hope this experiment shows you whatever it is you’re looking for. :)

Thank you. I hope it does too. :)

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I tried to give up tea for a diet a few months ago. Made it 5 days before I gave in. I’m not affected by caffeine really at all so it wasn’t the physical symptoms, but the mental habits and how tea fits into my life that was leaving a great gaping hole in my activities that made me go back so quickly.

It’s funny my husband doesn’t think I’ll make it past a day. Anyone that knows me won’t recognize me without my cup or bottle of tea. It will be a huge adjustment for me and those around me. I just hope I don’t make anyone else’s life miserable because of my choice to “tea fast” next week.

Uniquity said

If you use all your tea mugs for water too that might help psychologically. Just a different drink. :)

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Oh my goodness. I wish you the best of luck with your experiment, Rachel!

Thanks, I can use all I can get. :)

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Whether you are a woman of faith or not…I will be seriously praying for you, I think my addiction is more emotional but that’s enough for me to not even be brave enough to take this risk!!

Thanks, I am concerned my journey is closer to borderline crazy than brave. Still I need to know. I appreciate the prayers. I am certain I will need every one. :)

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Good luck, you brave soul! :) I will be reading your posts. I’d love to hear what happens at the end. I’ve gone a couple days without tea, usually in the throws of a nasty migraine, but never as long as a week. GOOD LUCK!

Thanks, I have a feeling my blog posts will get more and more nutty as the days go. I feel I’ll be angry, silly, and really all across the board.

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Serenity said

I love Dr Kathleen DesMaison’s work about addictions: www.radiantrecovery.com for anyone who may find this useful and interesting. Her take on eliminating caffeine: be very gentle to yourself, a little cutting back each day…

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Wow. other then caffeine, I know tea has other things in it, such as l- theanine, EGCG, and fluorine that would all have physical and/or emotional effect. I know I have “quit” cold turkey a few times, and also “quit” loose leaf due to necessity (lack of accessibility) My biggest issue is when I reduce the tea I drink, I dehydrate (particularly in winter when my coconut water intake lessens)

take care of yourself during this!(I know, this challenge is part of that vision too)

Kittenna said

I have to agree – my biggest issue when I don’t drink tea is dehydration! I honestly don’t think I have any physical dependence on tea; I love it and all, but I’ve gone a few days without any before, and the only other negative consequence is guilt, because I have so much tea, I should be making more of an effort to drink it! However, the two specific times that I can recall not having tea for 24-48 hours, I know I was dehydrated, because I depend on drinking tea to supply my daily water intake. I’m bad at drinking plain water unless I’m thirsty (at which point you’re already dehydrated, right?), so without a beverage to drink because I enjoy it, I definitely don’t drink enough.

I have the same problem, getting dehydrated if I don’t drink tea. I’m terrible at drinking pure water.

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