Travelling Tea Box- Canadian version

Alright, so I feel totally left out with the new traveling tea box that is making it’s journey across the US.
How many Canadians would be interested in doing one? I had a blast with the last one, even though it had so many problems.

Given the problems I have the right to refuse entry.
Basically this is just a pre-lim to see who is interested. If enough interest is shown I will get to work on it.

ETA: Alright I kinda let this die since Momo’s boxes were going back out. But alas I didn’t make the cut. So I’m reviving this.

I’m looking at an early May mailing.

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Sil select said

ponders While it’s not likely going to be the case, there’s a small part of me that has visions of a box of David’s tea travelling from one city to another hahaha

I’d likely be interested depending on the timing etc. Had fun with our 12 days of christmas swap/tea box.

haha nooooo, I would be so disappointed if that ended up happening. I think most of us have enough of other companies that this will not happen.

Ideally I’d like to have this box out early April.

Sil select said

lol so would i. Not a David’s Tea fanboi :) Though travelling tea box means I could try a bunch just in case.

I have to say I am definetly a David’s fanboi. But I am with a lot of other companies as well.

Sil select said

I like swaps when ppl throw in local companies as well, even if i can’t necessarily order them online if i find one i love hahaha (i’m looking at YOU for that one! haha)

haha I will gladly include request from my local tea shop. And enough so everyone can share :)

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I’m sorry anyone felt left out of the teabox, but I’m glad to hear you started a Canadian teabox! I wish it luck!

I completely understand why. Which I was suppose to include in the original post & totally ran with the post & skipped that part.
The new postal changes have really thrown a screw into swaps & the traveling tea box.

Yeah, the US one will cost over $8 to ship within the US, but I figure it will be worth it to everyone if they find some teas they like.

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tigress_al said

I would be interested. Do you know the approximate cost it will be?
Personally, I love DT’s but I also love lots of other companies too! I think most people on Steepster that would be interested would have a tea from a variety of companies as well!
Keep us posted!

Sil select said

I think cost will depend on how big/heavy we make the box. I’m hoping ppl can find local tea shops to share teas from :)

I haven’t looked into that yet, but I can run a few sizes/weights through Canada Post’s website & see what turns up.
Yes local tea shops would be great!!

tigress_al said

Thanks ladies!

Uniquity said

It depends on how far it’s travelling, unfortunately. The rates will be lowest if it moves from East to West or West to East. Rates are only standardized nationally for regular envelopes. Lower weights help, but dimensions can jack the price up really fast. Keep the box relatively small and you should have moderate rates (7 – 20 depending on how far it’s going). Canada Post sucks but I have to use them for work all the time. :(

Ok, to give you a rough idea, I inputed my postal code with one in the maritimes (I’m in Northern Ontario). I inputed a box with the dimensions 8X4X2 & a weight of 4 lbs. I suspect it will be less in weight. The cost came to $14.86.
I will be willing to send to the farthest destination & try to keep everyone near to each other to reduce the costs as well.

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momo said

Mine are going to go out again, and I like the mix of participants from the US and Canada (similarly for the reason you guys can add teas we can’t get easily and we can add ones you guys can’t, which is why I like it starting in the US, going to Canada, and coming back rather than sticking all of you with one) and have people willing to ship still, USPS be damned.

Just in case, if anyone gets the feeling I wasn’t going to send them again, I am. Also don’t want anyone to want to back out of either because of having to ship two different boxes b/c of the price.

It’s pretty easy to get you guys in a geographically sensible path too :P

Sil select said

I fully plan to participate in this one and the other one whenever it goes out. I really like the whole giant bos full of mystery teas in the mail thing that happens! :)

I will definetly still participate in yours as well. I don’t mind shipping to the US.

This is just way too fun not to participate in!

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Kittenna said

I’d be so in for this, but not until July/August, as I’m too busy until then :)

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Not in Canada, but always willing to ship overseas(even when sometimes it takes me longer to get to the post office when open!). Glad you all are doing this!

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Lala said

I am interested in participating. In Sask.

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Hey I’m in Newfie-land! I am totally interested in doing this and think it is a brilliant idea! Keep me posted! :)

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Jillian said

I’m interested in participating too – I’m in BC.

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BoxerMama said

I’ll participate! I’m in Ontario.

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