Has anyone had problems with ThinkGeek delivery?

When they had their ‘Tea, Earl Grey, Hot – Officially-Licensed Star Trek Tea’ half price a while ago I placed an order for one after wanting to try it for the best part of a year. I paid and waited blissfully for just over 2 weeks and received my parcel this morning. To cut a long story short the box was EMPTY! It contained the invoice and the bubble bags but NO TEA!

The box had no stickers or leaflets to say it was opened by customs nor had the box looked like it had been tampered with. I sent an e-mail but am waiting for them to get back to me about it. It’s so odd though, I have never been in this situation before and feel a bit deflated after waiting so long for nothing.

Has anyone had problems with them before? I’m not sure if it’s a fault through ThinkGeek or through the mail. :(

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We order from ThinkGeek on a fairly regular basis, and we’ve never had problems. I hope they respond to you quickly. That is so disappointing, and I’m sorry it happened to you!

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teapot1 said

Sounds like a super careless packing mistake. How they respond and “defuse” the customer service debacle will be very telling…Good luck!

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During the holidays I had major issues with them, actually. I’ve been a regular customer for the past couple years, but when I placed a huge order for my husband’s b-day and Christmas presents, shenanigans ensued.

1) They double charged my card, but did refund within two days. And no, I didn’t hit the “submit order” button twice. I’m a pro at online shopping and wouldn’t make a rookie mistake like that!

2) I got free shipping, but it took almost two weeks to get to me. I realized it was around the holidays (the first week of December), and the shipping was free, but still. Annoying.

3) One of the shirts had an obvious defect – and a hole! Not on a seam, in the middle of the shirt! I sent photos and asked for either a replacement or a refund. After four days they responded with a refund as the shirt sold out. I was beyond annoyed at this point. The shirt was one of the main reasons I had originally placed the order!

4) The items I should have gotten free from points redemption were not in the order. After I emailed them, I got them – one full week later, missing my guy’s b-day completely.

5) I bought so much stuff that they used a box to ship the items. The box was also opened as though the tape had come off or was never properly secured. Maybe that was where the redeemed points goodies went?

I vowed to use up my points and never return there. I was able to find comparable items elsewhere anyway, many on Amazon.

So, rest assured, it’s not you – and for once, gasp may not be the mail!

I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope you get everything straightened out!

Yikes! That is awful!!! :(

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