Have you ever try pure big tea tree Pu Er

Hey guys,

I just wonder have you guy tried pure big tea tree Pu Er from one single estate only? What is your idea on its taste and aroma? What is the difference vs bush Pu Er tea or blended Pu Er tea(with bush and trees)?

If you cannt tell the difference, you can definitely try our Peak brand pure big tea tree Pu Er tea from one single estate. Our Pu Er is rare and the highest quality. Whoever try it would be stunning by its super quality.

We have our US vendor who sell this tea in US. jas-etea.com/ http://www.jas-etea.com/products/2007-Lun-Pin-Lao-Bang-Zhang-Pure-Old-Tree-Raw-Pu-Er%2C-200g-.html and other peak brand varieties as well.
Our tea is also praised by HK tea lovers, who is stunned when received our Pu Er samples; because he have never try such high quality Pu Er tea before. Here is the link. http://www.nicolastang.com/tea/jk.htm; http://www.nicolastang.com/tea/

If you are in US, then you can try the teas via Jas-etea.com; or try the samples from JK Tea Shop. Once you try these Pu Er tea, you will know why so many people are crazy for Pu Er.

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