Todd & Holland - Cocoa Cay?

So my Mom let me dig through her container of tea to see if I wanted to try any of it. She can’t really drink alot of tea lately because she’s on Coumadin and has to limit her caffeine intake.
I ended up taking the whole container home so I could just make a pot of each to try. One of them was Cocoa Cay, which was a green tea she got from Todd and Holland. I really enjoyed it, which surprised me since I’d never had a green tea I liked. There wasn’t that much in the package, so I figured I’d go to the shop and grab a big bag for myself. Unfortunately the lady at the shop said it had been discontinued about a year ago. Total bummer! (This fact also makes me wonder how old some of the teas my Mom has are. Lol.)

So I’m hoping someone here might have some of this in their cupboards that they’d be willing to part with? Or if anyone knows of a close comparison?
I might just try to recreate it myself, but that’s a last resort. Lol. Though any help/suggestions with that would be appreciated too.

Here’s the Steepster entry if that helps.

Thanks so much!

- Also, if this is the wrong place for this, please let me know. This is the first topic of my own that I’ve posted.

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yssah said

You can try asking the company who their distributors are. They might still have some stock left ^^’

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