Know of any teas with hops? (i.e. the primary ingredient in beer)

After thoroughly enjoying the barley flavor that is present in Laoshan Black, it got me thinking that there might be a good tea out there that has a hops like flavor. I googled it a bit and saw that you can just pour hot water over hops to make an herbal tea, but wondering if anyone know of any tea shops that make something a little more sophisticated… I’m trying to combine my two loves! I love the flavor of a good pale ale, but don’t need all the calories or alcohol (although from time to time….) Am I crazy?

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Azzrian said

There is my Peach HoppiTea – my custom blend that Stacy of Butiki Teas did for me.
Its on steepster here:
And I reviewed it in depth here as well:

Yum, that sounds pretty good! I’m not huge peach fan, but I do love cascade hops! Does she still make it? Do you think it would be good without the peach?

Azzrian said

I know I can re-order it and she will make more of it but if you wanted your own blend – sans peach – you would have to do a custom blend with her personally.
Maybe she will chime in and explain this better :)

TastyBrew-We are getting ready to make the Peach HoppiTea available on our website. I would be happy to make you a small amount of the tea without the peach if you would like but would have to do that when I’m making the large batch. Other than that, I would be happy to do a custom blend with hops in it and could purchase any type of hops you would like. I’m also playing around with the idea of making another hops tea but not quite sure what yet.

yssah said

That is so cool, Stacy! A world of possibilites is opening up :D

Yssah-Indeed, quite a world of possibilities.

That was such a fun blend to work on. I spent a lot of time working Azzrian and was almost sad when the blend was finished since we had such a great time working on it.

yssah said

looking forward to seeing everyone have fun creating more blends!

I’m very intrigued by the custom blending. How does that work?

I sent you a PM. :)

momo said

you should make a tripel tea! I have no idea if that really works but that or an IPA. when I finally tried Bell’s Hopslam it just made me think tea, because it’s so hoppy it’s floral tasting.

Would love to make a Tripel. Tripel, Trappist, and stouts are my favorite. Was thinking about trying either an oatmeal stout or a chocolate vanilla stout. Have no idea how I would go about that though. Can’t say that I’m a fan of IPAs though.

Azzrian said

My X husband and I made a Smoked Stout and won 1st in a beer fest with it. That would be great with some Lapsang Souchong!

That sounds pretty interesting!

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john12 said

I would think the lack of carbonation would destroy the beer likeness, if that’s a word. I don’t drink, but does beer taste any good with no bubbles? I don’t think I’d want carbonated soda…

I just love the flavor of hops. Even unroasted. I don’t think I’d want a tea that tastes just like beer, but with a hoppy influence to it I think would be pretty tasty.

john12-Azzrian’s custom blend tasted fantastic. It didn’t taste at all like flat beer. The hops added another dimension to the tea.

momo said

There are plenty of soda themed teas out there that aren’t that bad and soda is faaaaar more obvious in its carbonation than a lot of beers.

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